A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river
A photograph of trees in a forest using panning or intentional camera movement (ICM)

Wanna learn photography the fun way?

Here's the thing - photography is both a technical and creative hobby and most of us aren't wired to be good at both! I struggled to understand the technical aspects of photography but I LOVED the creative side, so I focused most on the tricks and techniques I enjoyed. Then one day it hit me:

Why learn photography the dull way when you can learn photography the FUN WAY?

And that's how Creative Photo Folk was born - ta da!


A community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

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Creative Photo Folk is a monthly membership containing super fun photo and editing projects designed to teach you photography in a way that won't put you to sleep trying to master boring technical concepts.

Our simple step-by-step creative projects take you on a learning journey through photography, lighting, editing, Photoshop compositing and business, all supported by an exclusive community of keen photo folk. In no time you'll be creating stunning and unique photography that will have your friends gasping! 

Our self-paced projects cater for every ability in every niche - no matter where you are in your journey.

A photograph of a miniature girl standing in front of a camera and laptop

Why struggle with aperture when you can learn by:

A portrait of an innocent looking girl in a garden surrounded by a glowing light
Using shoot-through filters
A waterdrop on a plant reflecting and refracting a flower behind
Playing with refraction
A landscape photo of rocks and a beach at sunrise as birds fly overhead
Photographing landscapes

Take a peek at what you'll find inside Creative Photo Folk:

Section 1: Mastering manual – This section will get you up to speed with your camera. But don’t worry – no exposure triangle talk here! While I do get a little technical because your camera is, after all, a technical machine, I try to explain your camera's features in a way that won’t make your brain go a-wanderin' and we'll complete a few helpful experiments to practice.

Section 2: The Basics - These are the concepts you need to nail to make your life as a creative photographer so much easier! But I’ve also included a few ways to cheat while you’re still not confident with your camera.

Section 3: Essentials – Now well get your creative juices flowing!

  • First we figure out what you love to photograph so you’re not wasting time and money shooting things you don’t enjoy.
  • Then I’ll show you where to find creative inspiration on tap.
  • Next you’ll learn how to use creative storytelling to make your photos sing.
  • This section also includes a guide on posing so you’re not awkwardly staring at a model with no idea how to direct them – just pull up this lesson on your phone and have reference poses at the ready (and if you're scared of working with others I'll help you with that too!)
  • We'll also cover photography specific art theory and composition to help you make powerful photos, with a checklist you can use to judge if your images are successful!

Why read dull tutorials about shutter speed when you can learn by:

A photograph of light trails through the windscreen of a car
Photographing light trails
A photograph of raspberries splashing into a wine glass full of water
Capturing splashes
A long exposure landscape with silky water and streaking clouds in New Zealand
Creating silky water and clouds
A photograph of paint in water edited into the shape of a heart

Section 4: Fun creative projects – Here’s where the real fun begins! Dozens of fun projects to help you learn photography creatively. Work at your own pace by following projects from start to finish or jump in and grab just what you need. This section will continue to grow as I'll be adding new projects regularly.

Check out a sample photography project here: Photography projects to keep the rainy day blues away

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Your one stop shop for creative techniques - it's all right here!

Astrophotography of the core of the Milky Way
A photograph of a soap bubble looking like a planet
A glass ball (lensball) with light painted streaks reflecting on a black background
Light painting and glass balls

Section 5: Lighting – I struggled to learn lighting FOR YEARS, blaming it on the fact that I could only afford one useless Speedlite, until I stumbled on the simple secret to lighting that will change your approach entirely! And let me tell you, that one Speedlite is actually one of the best pieces of equipment you’ll ever own! In this section I'll teach you the fundamentals and then you can practice with more fun lighting projects.

Why learn lighting from photographers with gear you can't afford when you can:

A photograph of a girl with a lamp shade on her head, lit by the lamp
Light portraits using household objects
A slow sync photograph of a girl gently moving
Slow time with flash and constant light
A photograph of a retro styled girl wearing a dress made of milk splashes
Create a milk dress with high speed flash

Section 6: Editing – Let editing be a mystery no longer! I can’t tell you how many times I tried and failed to learn Photoshop from boring technical tutorials that focused on the tools – but my fun projects will teach you to edit images using Lightroom and Photoshop to create results that will blow everyone away!

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Check out some before and afters of our projects on BoredPanda!

Sure, you can watch endless Photoshop videos that won’t sink in or you can:

A photograph of a girl standing in defiance while her clones are bound
Learn masking by creating clones
A composite photograph of a giant alien girl walking through a cityscape
Learn to transform and change perspective by making giants
A caricature of a girl at a circus created by Liquify in Photoshop
Learn Liquify by creating caricatures

Section 7: Business – Currently this section is still a work in progress but I intend to show you:

  • How to win competitions
  • How to sell prints and prepare them for your printer
  • How to sell stock photos and make decent money doing it
  • How to approach a gallery and plan for a show

And a whole lot more!



📷 A 'start here' section with some super simple assignments to make you feel at home right away.

📷 Over 100 easy to follow step-by-step projects to take you from beginner to advanced without overwhelm and we're adding more all the time.

📷  Simple instructions and explanatory images plus workbooks you can print and follow while shooting.

📷 At home projects to complete if that pesky virus has you stuck indoors.

📷  Over 45 comprehensive Photoshop editing and compositing videos.

📷  Inexpensive gear solutions - stop wasting money on gear you don't need.

📷  Creative ideas that work in every niche when inspiration is running low.

📷  Join creative challenges with the possibility to win prizes or acclaim.

📷  When you don’t feel like shooting, continue to be inspired through our community, or share your creations in an encouraging safe space.

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Creative Photo Folk will save you years of time sifting through the web to find what you need to learn next - it's all right here and laid out in a logical way to take you from beginner to advanced in no time at all! And you'll have a tonne of fun in the process!

All of our projects have been thoroughly researched and condensed so you’ll learn exactly what you need without all the filler. We'll arm you with every creative photography and editing technique imaginable so you’ll have plenty of bows in your quiver of tricks whenever you’re feeling uninspired. These days EVERYONE is a photographer; it’s being clever and different that sets you apart.

And the best part is - we've done all the hard work for you! Simply print and follow our shoot instructions so you can stress less about technical problems and focus your energy on creating and experimenting.
We've fast tracked you to amazing photography!

What you'll need and what you need to know



To get started you'll need a DSLR or mirrorless camera. While there are other key pieces of gear you'll eventually need, you can complete the easier projects first, and when you're ready we'll help you decide what to buy. In the meantime I'm a totally thrifty person so I'll teach you ways to do things on the cheap and stop you from buying gear you don't really need! If you're interested in editing I also recommend buying a subscription to the industry standard tools, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. 


One of our promises is that we'll help you avoid overwhelm and we do that by 'dripping' content which means all of the projects won't be available right away. We encourage you to slow down and spend time with the material that is available and we'll release several new projects every fortnight.

You can put in as little or as much time as you want. There's no pressure to consume content at a pace you’re uncomfortable with. But the more time you devote the faster you’ll see progress. We run fortnightly challenges if you need help deciding what to try next.

The city of Seattle warped into a planet panorama with Photoshop

So, who am I?

Hi! I’m Hayley, the founder of Creative Photo Folk and an award winning fine art photographer and Photoshop artist (you can see more of my work at @hayleyrphoto). My obsession with creative photography has taken me on a ten year journey to master photography and Photoshop.

Creative Photo Folk is the product I WISH existed while I was learning - years of exploration and practice distilled into one place. Each project is jam packed with knowledge so you don’t have to spend hours, like me, searching for answers. 

All of the photos in this membership I created myself to prove that every project is achievable and that it's entirely possible to make creative photography without expensive gear and difficult set ups (plus it was SO MUCH FUN).

Can't wait to meet you!



Long exposure projects

Light painting

High speed projects

Take a look at a sample photography project: Photography projects to keep the rainy day blues away


Create underwater scenes

Fake dreamy Infared

Add special effects

Capture a milk dress

Take a look at a sample editing project: The benefits of creating mirrored images

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Watch the walkthrough video to take a sneak peek inside

A product photo of coffee falling into an owl mug with splashing milk
A light painted photo of a man wearing a mask at night
A product photo of a floating glass filled with red wine

Feedback from our first members ...


Creative Photo Folk is packed full of information. Easy to follow lessons and tutorials that cover various areas. There is something in it for everyone. I'm looking forward to being part of this growing community.


I found Creative Photo Folk to be a fantastic place - it was easy to navigate and covered all the important topics, from the basics up to more advanced learnings. I liked being able to go at my own pace, but be gently pushed to try new things as well. The content is easy to understand, in a way that I haven't found other training to be. No overwhelm here! Just well thought out lessons and information, plenty of images/videos and real life examples, and I was inspired by the creative projects too.


5/5 stars. Would definitely recommend to fellow photographers, all the information is right at my fingertips whenever I need it and I am now part of an amazing community of passionate like-minded people, all while not breaking the bank!

Whether you seek to build a gallery worthy portfolio, monetise your hobby, improve your existing photo business, or simply long to capture special moments you’re proud to share, you’re in the right place to level up.

Join our Creative Photo Folk community with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee and you may just find a home you love.

So creative photo folks, what are you waiting for?

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