Feel like you're always struggling with what to photograph next?

I bet you're the kind of photographer who …

Enjoys variety
Craves creativity

Loves to experiment
Wants to shoot a bit of everything
Feels uncomfortable forcing yourself into a niche

There's plenty who capture scenes but some of us long for something more; to create interesting things, to awe, to stand out, to be challenged, to inspire others.

But you probably also find your attention drawn in every direction.

What subject will I shoot today?
Which technique will I try next?
Why aren't my photos turning out like I hoped?

Indecision, insecurity and learning overwhelm means by the time the weekend is over you’ve shot nothing at all. And so your photography just never improves!

And buying newer more expensive gear is not the answer.

What if there were a way to …

Always know exactly what project to shoot next to improve your skills in an orderly way.

Have everything you need to know in one place so you’re not wasting precious time reading blogs and watching YouTube to learn all the techniques.

Be inspired with lots of exciting photography projects to flex your creative muscles without always searching for the next shiny thing.

A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river
A photograph of trees in a forest using panning or intentional camera movement (ICM)

Imagine if…

every photo you took was a keeper

your popular photos racked up the likes

people were reaching out to buy your images or feature your work

your photos made you proud and excited to share

The city of Seattle warped into a planet panorama with Photoshop



A membership community to master photography creatively, overwhelm free

Creative Photo Folk is a monthly membership containing fun creative photography and editing projects designed to help you master photography in a logical way.

Our simple step-by-step creative projects take you on a learning journey through photography, lighting, editing, Photoshop compositing and business, all supported by an exclusive community of keen photo folk. In no time at all you'll be creating stunning and unique photography that will have your friends gasping! 

Our self-paced projects cater for every ability no matter where you are in your journey, while our challenges mean you'll always know what to shoot next.


📷 A mini-course on the correct way to set up and use your gear so you’re always capturing ‘keepers’ and nailing focus everytime.

📷 A section on creativity – unleash your inner artist by learning to channel your creativity and find your personal voice, with ways to tell creative stories that make your photos sing.

📷 Fun creative projects – Tonnes of fun projects with simple step-by-step instructions and illustrative images so you always know what to shoot next and how to do it with confidence. Includes plenty of at home projects if that pesky virus has you stuck indoors.

📷 Lighting made easy using affordable gear, uncomplicated set ups and practice projects.

📷 A Lightroom overview and Photoshop basics series to get your editing on track.

📷 Photoshop compositing projects with tips for shooting and walkthrough editing videos, that take you on a path from beginner to advanced to bring your imagination to life and help you master Photoshop.

📷 Make money from your passion using our business section with tips to market and sell your work.


  • Printable instructions for each project to reference while shooting
  • Inexpensive gear solutions - stop wasting money on gear you don't need
  • Fortnightly challenges
  • A points system and leaderboard for ambitious members
  • Access to an exclusive and encouraging Facebook community
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Why learn photography the dull way when you can master photography the fun way!

Astrophotography of the core of the Milky Way
A photograph of light trails through the windscreen of a moving car
Light trails
A glass ball (lensball) with light painted streaks reflecting on a black background
Light painting and glass balls

Check out a sample photography project here: Photography projects to keep the rainy day blues away

Want free photography and editing lessons? 

Why using projects is the best way to master photography

If you struggle to find time, direction and motivation it’s because you don’t have a goal. Our self-paced photography and editing projects give you goals that help you stay focused and avoid searching for the next shiny thing. You’ll always know exactly what your weekend project is, with something new and interesting to capture!

Humans are creatures of routine so it’s easy to get stuck creating the same things in the same ways unless we make experimentation part of our routine. Creative Photo Folk was designed with this in mind. Because when you learn and practice using creative projects you make a routine of creativity. Experimenting becomes second nature, as does seeking the unique, which is a guaranteed way to make your work stand out!

We're your one stop shop for creative photography

A portrait of an innocent looking girl in a garden surrounded by a glowing light
Using shoot-through filters
A waterdrop on a plant reflecting and refracting a flower behind
Playing with refraction
A photograph of pink paint in water that looks like a fish
Paint in water

The key to defeating overwhelm

The resources for photographers these days are endless and it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed, especially when many of us are not full-time photographers. Creative Photo Folk features over 100 comprehensive projects, while still being all killer, no filler. Instead of wading through a mountain of blogs and YouTube videos trying to track down instructions and ideas, wouldn’t you rather focus on exactly what you need and save your energy for shooting? Our projects are just the right size to tackle in your spare time while moving you closer to popularity and success.

One of our promises is that we'll help you avoid overwhelm and we do that by 'dripping' content which means not all the projects will be available right away. We encourage you to slow down and spend time with the material that’s available and we'll release several new projects every fortnight.

We’re on a mission to help photographers make incredible images that will have people gasping

A photograph of light trails through the windscreen of a car
Bursting bubbles
A photograph of raspberries splashing into a wine glass full of water
Floating food
A long exposure landscape with silky water and streaking clouds in New Zealand
Levitating splashes

It’s hard to be creative when you’re so focused on getting your camera settings and composition right. With Creative Photo Folk we give you a solid grounding in the basics as well as printable cheat-sheets that explain what settings to choose and why, so you can stress less about technical problems and focus on directing and perfecting to make each project your own by adding your personal flair and vision.

Why learn lighting from photographers with gear you can't afford when you can:

A slow sync photograph of a girl gently moving
Slow time with flash and constant light
A photograph of a girl with a lamp shade on her head, lit by the lamp
Light portraits using household objects
A photograph of a retro styled girl wearing a dress made of milk splashes
Create a milk dress with high speed flash

Why a membership?

Our Creative Photo Folk membership provides a complete path for you from beginner to advanced through the entire process of learning, improving and selling your work. A membership structure means we can provide personal ongoing support no matter where you are in your journey. You’ll receive new content regularly so as not to overwhelm, creative challenges to keep you motivated, and will belong to a supportive community to share your creations and wins.

Sure, you can watch endless YouTube editing videos that won’t sink in or you can:

A photograph of a girl standing in defiance while her clones are bound
Create underwater scenes
A composite photograph of a giant alien girl walking through a cityscape
Turn people into giants
A caricature of a girl at a circus created by Liquify in Photoshop
Make subjects invisible

Check out a sample photography project here: Photography projects to keep the rainy day blues away

Want free photography and editing lessons?

Hi! I’m Hayley, the founder of Creative Photo Folk

How often have you looked at a photo and thought, ‘how did they do that?’ While this might be a passing curiosity for some, for me it’s an obsession. I’ve devoted years to peeking behind the curtains at what tricks these clever photographers use, studying every creative technique imaginable. Sure, photography is a wonderful way to capture a moment or document a scene but what really fires me up is using it as an art form.

I began to create little recipes to follow to help me shoot and edit the subjects I found fun, which freed me from fussing over the technical so I could explore and experiment. Soon I was winning competitions and selling book covers, products and prints.

Then one day I thought, maybe there are other people like me? And hey presto, Creative Photo Folk was born. I’ve compiled everything useful I’ve learned and created into a library of resources for curious photographers who long for something more.

For each of the tutorials I researched at least six different resources on the topic, then shot and edited each myself to make sure the information was correct. Being an introvert, sometimes these projects pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I don’t regret a single minute because I broke down boundaries I might not have otherwise. That’s the real beauty of using projects to learn and improve – when you have a goal you’ll find a way.




Long exposure projects

Light painting

High speed projects

Take a look at a sample photography project: Photography projects to keep the rainy day blues away

Create underwater scenes

Fake dreamy Infared

Add special effects

Capture a milk dress

Take a look at a sample editing project: The benefits of creating mirrored images

Wondering how you can afford all this?

I thrive on empowering people by helping them find their potential and turning that into reality so I aimed to create a membership with an affordable monthly fee to make it accessible for everyone.

This price helps you save YEARS of time and overwhelm by focusing on only what's needed.

If you long for motivation, direction and a fun and easy way to perfect your photography, Creative Photo Folk is here to help you transform frustration into inspiration! Always have ideas on tap and a library of creative tricks and techniques at your fingertips laid out in a logical way that takes you from beginner to advanced in no time at all.

Special founding member's price

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Monthly plan

$24.99 USD

Only 82c per day!

  • Pay monthly & try it out risk free

    • Master manual quick start guides
    • Fun photography projects
    • Printable instructions
    • Editing tutorial videos
    • Business advice
    • Fortnightly challenges
    • New content released regularly 
    • Unlimited support

Six month plan

$149 USD

Our convenience plan

  • Hold yourself accountable

Annual plan

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    • Master manual quick start guides
    • Fun photography projects
    • Printable instructions
    • Editing tutorial videos
    • Business advice
    • Fortnightly challenges
    • New content released regularly 
    • Unlimited support

Gift memberships also available - please contact us for more info.


If you feel the membership is not right for you we’ll refund 100% of your first month’s payment so there's absolutely no risk!

Stay as long as you want or cancel your membership at any time with the click of a button.

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Feedback from our members ...


5/5 stars. Would definitely recommend to fellow photographers, all the information is right at my fingertips whenever I need it and I am now part of an amazing community of passionate like-minded people, all while not breaking the bank!


I found Creative Photo Folk to be a fantastic place - it was easy to navigate and covered all the important topics, from the basics up to more advanced learnings. I liked being able to go at my own pace, but be gently pushed to try new things as well. The content is easy to understand, in a way that I haven't found other training to be. No overwhelm here! Just well thought out lessons and information, plenty of images/videos and real life examples, and I was inspired by the creative projects too.


Creative Photo Folk is packed full of information. Easy to follow projects with something for everyone. I'm looking forward to being part of this growing community.

A light painted photo of a man wearing a mask at night
A product photo of a floating glass filled with red wine
A product photo of coffee falling into an owl mug with splashing milk

Keen to see what happens inside Creative Photo Folk?
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You, holding the camera, are completely different from everyone else. You owe it to others to share that uniqueness and make your stamp on the world. We’ll help you create work that is jaw-dropping, eye-popping, scroll-stopping and teach you ways to turn your passion into profit!

Creative Photo Folk will arm you with every creative photography and editing technique imaginable so you’ll have plenty of bows in your quiver of tricks to liven up any shoot. In order to succeed you’ve got to be different, not just better. We'll fast track you to creating work that wows! Let us show you the way!

Join our Creative Photo Folk community with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee and you may just find a home you love.

So creative photo folks, is it your time to shine?

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