Take your photography to the next level
and create photos people adore


Take your photography to the next level
and create photos people adore

Fast track your journey to confident photography 
and exciting photos that PEOPLE ADORE

Fast track your journey to successful
and photos that PEOPLE ADORE

A finger popping a soap bubble
A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river

Is your happy place behind a camera but your photos seem to lack impact? 

When you first pick up a camera everything is so new and fascinating. ✨
But eventually the shine wears off when your hard drive fills with photos and picking up your camera becomes less of a priority.

But what if there were a way to keep the magic alive with a library full of inspiration and instruction for scroll-stopping imagery supported by a safe and encouraging community to learn, play and experiment? 

Wouldn't it be so much easier to love photography? 

When you confidently create photos that people love you’ll ALWAYS feel excited to pick up your camera as you become the accomplished and admired photographer YOU DESERVE TO BE.

Welcome to your new happy place...

You're invited to join ...


A photography community that helps you be more creative with your camera
to transform your photos from average to AMAZING

Join us

Creative Photo Folk is a monthly photography membership where you'll discover how to be more creative with your camera and learn not only how to do photography but how to LOVE doing photography because photography SHOULD be exciting and fun!

Using creative photography projects is the most exciting and effective way to master photography and capture unique photos that awe, inspire and even sell. That's why Creative Photo Folk contains a library of interesting step-by-step creative projects designed to progressively improve your photography, lighting, editing and compositing skills, all while you build an accomplished creative portfolio of images that people adore.

We'll also help you master manual, tell more powerful stories, and sell the work you've created, so no matter your experience you'll have a complete path to your next level and beyond.

We're the Creative Photo Folk.

Are you?
Astrophotography of the Milky Way
A glass ball on a reflected surface surrounded by green and red light painting
A face and wild hair photographed with a scanner
Milk and coffee beans splash into an owl mug

Everything you'll receive as a member:

Plus these extras:

Guided action plan

Based on your current skills we'll guide you on the best place to start inside the membership.

Exclusive community

A supportive community of creative photo folk. Get advice, share your work and cheer each other on!

Live bootcamps

Monthly workshops to complete our courses interactively for more personal support.

Join us!

Weekly assignments

These optional assignments help you put into practice everything you've learnt.

A freelens picture of flowers
A pregnant belly lying in a milk bath surrounded by flowers
Long exposure light trails as seen through a car windscreen

Creative Photo Folk is the right place for you if:

You crave creative expression

We’ll empower you to express your unique perspective with inspiring ideas to create more impactful photos you're proud to share.

You're keen to make real progress

Everything you need in one place to improve your skills in an orderly way without always searching for the next shiny thing.

You need consistency (as well as variety!)

Carve out dedicated time knowing you’re always improving and trying new things to keep photography fresh and interesting.

You want to grow as a photographer and artist

With our guidance you can stress less about technical problems and focus on adding your personal flair so your photos stand out.

You long for a more purposeful life

Being a creator is the key to a fulfilling life of passion & purpose. Learn to use your camera as an artistic tool and create your legacy.

You’re seeking a creative community

Forge new friendships in our community of like-minded creators who’ll support you on your journey.


Meet your guide

Hi, I'm Hayley! For much of my life I didn’t believe I was creative until one day I picked up a camera and found a way to ignite the creativity I never thought I had.

I spent years attempting every creative technique I could find because using photography as an art form is wildly more exciting for me than just documenting a scene. As my portfolio grew I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints, and products, receive grant-funding, invitations to write for major publications, had my tutorials used in school curriculum, and went viral.

But my true passion is empowering other photographers to be creative with their cameras. Creative photography gave my life purpose and I want that for you too so I'm building a movement of photographers creating beautiful, challenging, interesting things and I invite you to join us to discover how you can unlock your creativity and unleash your potential.

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Annual plan


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Pay yearly and receive two months for free!

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If you’re wondering if Creative Photo Folk is right for you the only way to be sure is by joining now, taking 30 days to explore and then making an INFORMED decision. If it's not right for you, cancel with the click of a button and we’ll refund your first month’s payment.
It’s completely risk-free to join now with our happy photo folk guarantee!

Frank bunny from Donnie Darko created with reflected incense smoke
A planet panorama of New Zealand's famous Wanaka tree
Colourful cups photographed using the cross polarisation technique


A girl floats underwater with roses
A girl levitates above a circle of standing stones struck by lightning
A giant Alice in Wonderland drinks potion while resting against building
A girl stands on a book trying to catch flying letters with a net

Don't choose average. Choose Creative Photo Folk.

Who will be the better photographer in 5 years time?

The one who took 5 years trying to learn alone OR the one who invested in themselves to learn FAST then focused the remaining time on creating an accomplished portfolio?

Creative Photo Folk collapses the time it takes to get you camera confident, express your inner vision, build a gallery worthy portfolio and make money from photography, all with a supportive community.

You absolutely deserve to create impactful photography but you cannot waste more time consuming endless tutorials and hoping to magically transform (believe me, I've tried). Instead, follow a fun and effective method that makes the most of your precious time while confidently creating work that lights you up and enjoying every minute of the process!


Monthly plan


Prices in USD


Annual plan


Prices in USD