Fast track your journey to confident photography
and exciting photos PEOPLE LOVE


Take your photography to the next level
and create photos people adore


Take your photography to the next level
and create photos people adore

Fast track your journey to successful
and photos that PEOPLE ADORE

A finger popping a soap bubble
A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river

You thought photography was going to be easy. 

But instead of all the amazing shots you thought you'd capture yours are blurry, unfocused and frankly, a bit boring.

They’re not impressing anyone, including yourself.

Where are you going wrong? Is it the settings? The composition? Or maybe your camera's the problem?  

So you buy the best camera and lens you can afford but guess what?

Your photos don’t magically improve.

And NOW you're back at square one having to learn new gear. So you go on excursions every weekend to practice, practice, practice but when your photos only marginally improve you turn to YouTube for answers, watching video after video. Except instead of solutions you only have more questions. What on earth have you gotten yourself into?

Maybe you should try learning editing instead?

After¬†FINALLY¬†deciding what program to use you become so overwhelmed by all the tools that you¬†shut it down¬†in frustrated tears.¬†ūüė≠

What if you’re just not cut out for this?

With no clear direction, more questions than answers and a hard drive full of average photos, your favourite hobby is now more disheartening than fun and you can't bring yourself to pick up your camera at all. All this effort for so little progress.

If you’d known it was going to be this hard you would have saved the money and just taken photos with your phone instead.

But what if you could skip right past the confusion and straight into creating the kinds of images you dream about?

ūüĎČ Where you know exactly what to adjust in the camera you have (not an expensive replacement) to take photos that consistently turn out EXACTLY like you imagine‚Ķ

ūüĎČ Where you can confidently¬†compose¬†images that transform ordinary subjects into sensational photos‚Ķ

ūüĎČ Where your editing workflow is straightforward and easy¬†without requiring a complex manual or months of study‚Ķ


You're invited to join ...



Nail the essential photography skills to excite your mojo
and create captivating images fast


You're invited to join ...



Master essential photography skills to excite your mojo
and create captivating images fast


The CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER ACCELERATOR contains three essential self-paced courses to transform your average photos into AMAZING ONES. By mastering manual mode, learning compelling composition, and discovering how to edit with ease, you will confidently create impossible to ignore photos FAST.

When you can operate your camera and editing software as second nature it's easy to nail winning photos consistently. Then you're ready to conquer more complicated creative techniques to power up your photography to the next level and beyond.

A glass ball on a reflected surface surrounded by green and red light painting
Milk and coffee beans splash into an owl mug
Astrophotography of the Milky Way
A face and wild hair photographed with a scanner

Inside the Accelerator you receive:

Camera Confidence course 

Say goodbye to average photos and auto mode's limitations as we demystify your camera's manual features so you can take full control of your settings. Over four days you'll learn to balance aperture, shutter speed, and ISO like a pro so your photos turn out exactly as you envision them. Too often technical skills let down amazing photos and we only want you capturing winners!

Learning the technical side of photography is often dry and inaccessible (ugh, exposure triangle) so you'll learn: exposure, focus and lenses, white balance and RAW, accessories, advanced focusing techniques, and using a remote and tripod, in a way that’s easy to understand with simple exercises to practice.

Storytelling Elements course

Photography is about more than just capturing moments; it's about telling stories that resonate with your audience. Inside this course you'll learn how to wield the language of photography, so you can evoke emotions and turn ordinary moments into engaging tales.

You'll unearth your unique perspective, discover where to find creative inspiration, learn to apply the elements of storytelling, and refine your visual language using the principles of art and composition for captivating images that astound your audience.

Editing Essentials course

Does learning editing make you want to throw your computer across the room? Inside this course I'll show you how to organise and polish your photos to perfection in Lightroom and I’ll take the fear out of Photoshop by introducing you to its essential features such as layers, masks, selections, adjustments, retouching tools and special effects filters so you can edit more efficiently and give your photos extra wow.

Most photographers...

  • Shoot¬†the same subjects in the same ways and¬†don't practice with strategic scenarios to help them¬†master required skills quickly.
  • Don't prioritise learning the visual language that every art student studies¬†so they¬†fail¬†to create images¬†that please¬†the human eye.¬†
  • Try¬†to learn editing with random YouTube videos¬†instead of¬†following a carefully structured path that doesn't make them feel stupid.

So they lose their mojo and give up.

But this won't be you!

Because the secret for becoming a successful photographer is to prioritise learning...

  • How to operate your camera effortlessly¬†in different scenarios so you can finally use it creatively and capture amazing photos EXACTLY how you envision them.
  • How to use¬†the elements of art and composition to tell powerful stories¬†that capture the attention of everyone who sees them.
  • How to use editing software to polish¬†your photos to perfection¬†so they're more visually impactful and¬†stand out from the 5 billion photos taken everyday.

With these essential skills you'll create astonishing images as quickly as possible... 

so you're always excited to pick up your camera...

and your self-doubt won't even get a chance to complain!

Receive all 3 courses for only...

Usually $187 but for a limited time only...


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Meet your guide - Hi, I'm Hayley!

Every day I see photographers struggling. Struggling to take better photos. Struggling for approval. Struggling with their confidence. Struggling with their mojo.

Photography might seem like an easy hobby but there's a lot to master and if you don't learn the required skills and confidence correctly you'll eventually label yourself a failure, lose interest and waste thousands of dollars in gear only to feel more insecure than when you started. And I don't want that for you!

With my 12 years of experience as an exhibited and award-winning creative photographer, artist and educator it’s my mission to teach photography in a more creative and empowering way so you can grow your self-worth, take photos you're proud of, feel safe expressing your creativity and achieve lasting success. 


Will you be the photographer with the expensive abandoned camera or the one with a lifelong passion who invested in learning the RIGHT skills FAST?

Will you waste years fumbling around on YouTube or will you collapse the learning time and devote those years to creating a portfolio of incredible photos that people adore?

The Creative Photography Accelerator speeds up your journey to get camera confident, express your inner vision, tame the editing beast and build a gallery worthy portfolio so your photos fill you with pride NOT with doubt.

I'm sure you didn't pick up a camera only to take average photos so let's transform you into the photographer you dream of becoming...




Fast track your journey to confident photography and exciting photos people love

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Confidently nail focus and exposure by learning your camera's manual features.


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Find your artistic identity and learn visual language to communicate your vision.


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Polish your photos to perfection in Lightroom and edit fearlessly in Photoshop.


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