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Creativity blurs the lines between

Hi I'm Hayley, and I'm a creative photography addict. ūüĎč

The day my hard drive complained about being PACKED TO THE BRIM with photos was the day I realised it was time to stop pointing my camera at every interesting thing and start photographing more intentionally.

But what kind of photographer was I going to be?

Weddings, portraits and events paid best but these documentary styles of photography ruined all the fun and turned the hobby I loved into a job I hated.

It was the creative side of photography I adored, after believing for most of my life that I wasn't creative, and so I quickly became obsessed with trick photography and Photoshop compositing, using my camera to create art.

This grew my skills and confidence like crazy and within a year I transformed from someone with zero purpose and drive into an acclaimed and exhibited artist. It still blows my mind! ūü§Į

That's why I'm now devoted to helping other photographers unleash their potential by being more creative with their cameras. I'll help you master photography and editing, THE FUN WAY, and show you how creativity does wonders for your confidence and self-worth too.

Because creative photographers are the ones who naturally stand out and I’ve sold enough prints, calendars, stock images, products and themed shoots to prove it. Because it's easy to find someone who can drive a camera but it's creativity people pay good money for.

I know learning photography and Photoshop can seem difficult, but I want to show you a better way. A faster way. A way where getting great results is merely the icing on the cake because you're having SO MUCH FUN in the process. That's why I've spent the past 6 years building Creative Photo Folk to be a playground for photographers where we learn, experiment and geek out over our exciting creations.

If you're ready to swap the tired old way of learning photography for discovering¬†HOW MUCH FUN photography can be, we'd be thrilled to welcome you into our Creative Photo Folk community.¬†ūüėä

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Feb 2022 Absurd – Art Lovers Australia Gallery
Jan 2022 Outer Space, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art
Oct 2021 Photography Awards - Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery
Sep 2021 Come as you are, Brisbane Institute of Art
Sep 2021 Clayton Utz Art Awards 2021
Dec 2020 FIRST LIGHT – Queensland Centre for Photography
Oct 2020 Out from the Mist, Queensland Government building
Apr 2019 Black Dog, Blue Butterflies - Art from the Margins
Aug 2018 Black Dog, Blue Butterflies - Pine Rivers Gallery
Apr 2018 Art Lovers Australia Prize - Left Bank Gallery
Jun 2017 Weaving Illusions - Left Bank Gallery
May 2017 Snap - Aspire Gallery
Feb 2017 Petite Pieces - Aspire Gallery
Oct 2016 Myself Prize 2016 - Jugglers Art Space
Oct 2016 Clayton Utz Art Awards 2016
Sep 2016 Bowness Photographic Prize - Monash Gallery of Art
Sep 2016 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards - Artsworx
Aug 2016 Brisbane Art Prize - Judith Wright Centre
May 2016 MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize
May 2016 Milburn Art Prize - Brisbane Institute of Art
Mar 2016 Exposing Illusions - Caboolture Regional Art Gallery


Clayton Utz Art Awards 2021, Finalist
Stanthorpe Photography Awards 2021, Finalist
Motif Collective March 2021, Finalist
Australian Photographer of the Year 2020, Highly Commended
Out from the Mist 2020, Finalist
Queensland Regional Art Awards 2018, People’s Choice winner
Teds March 2018 Photo Competition, First Prize
Art Lovers Australia Prize, 2018, Finalist
Petite Pieces, 2016, Finalist
Myself Prize 2016, Finalist
Clayton Utz Art Awards 2016, Finalist
Heritage Bank Photographic Awards 2016, Second Prize
Royal Queensland Show 2016, First Prize
Brisbane Art Prize 2016, Finalist
William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize 2016, Finalist
MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016, Finalist
Milburn Art Prize 2016, Finalist
Contemporary Art Awards Australia 2015, Finalist