A community that helps you be more confident and creative with your camera to transform your photos from average to AMAZING
A photograph of paint in water edited into the shape of a heart

A community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

Creative Photo Folk is a monthly membership for hobbyist photographers where you'll learn how to be more creative with your camera and discover not only HOW to do photography but how to LOVE doing photography because photography SHOULD be exciting and fun!

Using creative photography projects is the most exciting and effective way to learn photography and capture unique photos that awe, inspire and even sell. That's why Creative Photo Folk contains a library of interesting step-by-step creative projects designed to progressively improve your photography, lighting, editing and compositing skills, all while you build an accomplished creative portfolio of images that people adore.

We'll also help you master manual, tell more powerful stories, and sell the work you've created, so no matter your experience you'll have a complete path to your next level and beyond.


As a member you receive:

  • Access to the creative project library and courses.
  • A guided action plan tailored to your current skills so you’ll know where to start.
  • Monthly bootcamps to help you complete our courses with more hands on guidance.
  • Optional weekly assignments to put the lessons into practice and build an inspiring portfolio.
  • Printable instructions for each project that explain what settings to choose and why.
  • Searchable hashtags within our creative project library if there’s a specific niche or skill you wish to practice.
  • New projects released regularly.
  • A gear guide featuring our recommended equipment (though most projects can be done with gear you already own).
A photograph of a face painted under black light UV
A photograph of paint in water edited into the shape of a heart

A community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

Hi, I'm Hayley!

For much of my life I didn’t believe I was creative until one day I picked up a camera and found a way to ignite the creativity I never thought I had.

I spent years attempting every creative technique I could find because using photography as an art form is wildly more exciting for me than just documenting a scene. As my portfolio grew I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints, and products, receive grant-funding, invitations to write for major publications, had my tutorials used in school curriculum, and went viral.

But my true passion is empowering other photographers to more be creative with their cameras. Creative photography gave my life meaning and I want that for you too so I'm building a community of photographers creating inspiring, challenging, interesting images and I hope you’ll join us to unlock your creativity and unleash your potential.


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