Learn Photoshop compositing

the art of blending dreams and reality

to make your world magical and spin your ideas into gold

A Photoshop composite of a giant sized Alice in Wonderland resting against a building, a photomanipulation example of how to create conceptual art in Photoshop.
A fine art conceptual photograph of a red haired girl holding coloured flames while standing in a creek looking at a reflected medieval bridge while leaves float around her.
A conceptual fine art Photoshop composite of a girl standing on a book catching letters with a butterfly net as an example of how to learn Photoshop.
A photomanipulation showing how to do levitation photography with a girl floating above a stone circle with levitating candles, being struck by lighting, an example of conceptual Photoshop composite art.

You’re an imaginative photographer wanting to expand your skills and deepen your creativity but standing between you and your desires is...


And let’s face it, crossing that bridge ain’t as easy as answering a few riddles. 👹

Photoshop tutorials move so fast you can’t keep up (and why do they all use different methods!)

And fumbling around in Photoshop usually ends in frustrated tears (the magic wand tool is a lie!)

I know this struggle personally because all the Photoshop tutorials in the world couldn’t help me tame this beast.

A girl stands in an art gallery surrounded by framed photo art prints

But then I discovered a fun-filled way to learn Photoshop that transformed me from someone with zero creative ability into an artist who regularly sells and exhibits my work ... in less than 9 months!

Three months after using this method I created an artwork that won several local awards, in month 4 I was a finalist in esteemed national awards, in month 5 I created my best selling print.

Now I’m sharing this sorcery so you too can become an acclaimed artist or in-demand creative photographer. 

Give me the golden touch!
A girl jumping in an art gallery surrounded by framed photo art prints
A multiplicity photomanipulation of a girl standing with her arms crossed staging a protest while her clones stand in front with their hands tied behind their backs with white ribbons.
A conceptual fine art Photoshop composite of a ghostly girl standing in a graveyard at night watching as her hand fades, created as a tutorial of how to make Photoshop composite art.
A photomanipulation of a witch reading a book creating spells, showing how to create special effects in Photoshop to make composite art.

Are you ready to defeat the Photoshop dragon and create magical composites that slay? 🐲

You're invited to join ...



An immersive course to learn Photoshop compositing that transforms your life into a magical adventure and your photos into enchanting in-demand art

Fall down the rabbit hole

Exposing Illusions guides you on a quest from conjuring up and photographing your own whimsical concepts through to confidently editing mesmerising artworks that bewitch all who see them.

Using a carefully designed path of fun themed projects you’ll learn what to shoot, how to shoot it and the editing techniques to put it all together to create completely unique storytelling artworks from scratch.

This is NOT like every other Photoshop course where you sit at a computer following ‘paint by numbers’ projects and ending up with the same results as everyone else (that you can’t do anything with because they’re not your ideas).

Inside Exposing Illusions you’ll develop the creative skills and technical workflows to make your own portfolio of original artworks that you can actually exhibit and sell.

And no other Photoshop course gets you off the couch, and out capturing concepts so creative and interesting that life becomes a marvellous adventure.

Remove my invisibility cloak!
A conceptual fine art photograph showing a girl sitting in a room she has filled with tears as a boat floats by, illustrating how to create underwater composite photo art in Photoshop.
A Photoshop composite of a deer standing at the end of a broken down railway track surrounded by pink foliage, showing how to replace a sky in Photoshop.
A conceptual fine art photograph showing a girl shaped tree in a barren apocalyptic landscape, illustrating how to create composite photo art in Photoshop.

Take a peek behind the curtain:

When you first join Exposing Illusions you’ll receive a guided video tour, some small tasks to ease you in, and a series of introductory emails to help you map out your journey.

Prepare for your adventure in our...


Without ideas and the means to realise them you won’t get very far creating Photoshop art, so in this course you’ll learn how to switch on your creative brain and bring your imagination to life. 💡


Where to find inspiration – Practical exercises that dig up your buried treasure.

How to unearth your unique stories – Take your passions and interests and add a dash of life experiences into your cauldron of concepts to explore.

A process to plan out your ideas – A storyboarding process that makes your ideas achievable showing you how to source affordable costumes, locations and props.

Tips to shoot on a budget – How to photograph your ideas using inexpensive gear and uncomplicated set ups.

Working with a team – Advice for collaborating with others if you cannot realise your ideas alone.

How to cull your images – Learn to start piecing your composites together.

Build your own stock library – Discover what to shoot and how to build your own organised stock library for creating entirely unique and authentic images.


An art theory and composition training to strengthen your visual language.

Guidelines for perfect posing so you know how to position your models (or yourself).

Tips for shooting self-portraits if you’d like the convenience of using yourself as a model.

An introduction to studio lighting for the times when natural light won’t cut it.

Exposing Illusions helps you develop not only the skills, but the imagination to complete entrancing otherworldly composites.

A photomanipulation example for a tutorial on how to create snow in Photoshop showing a girl standing with a deer in a fantasy snow filled forest.
A conceptual fine art photograph for a tutorial on how to use displacement maps in Photoshop, showing a girl in a red coat and stripy socks walking while two graffitied girls on the wall point at her and shout about imposter syndrome.
A conceptual fine art photograph of a girl in a blue dress standing in a maze stepping into a book.


Your adventure begins!

In here you’ll find a library of 40 fun themed projects designed to gently guide you from a Photoshop novice to master.

Learning Photoshop’s tools usually puts you to sleep, Rip Van Winkle style, that’s why I make learning Photoshop fun using magical projects that teach you the tools WHILE you create.

For example:
You’ll create clones to learn masking
You’ll create ghosts to learn opacity
You’ll levitate to learn selections
You’ll make double exposures to learn blend modes
You’ll create miniatures and GIANTS to learn perspective
You’ll make snowy scenes to learn channels

Every project gives you detailed instructions and behind the scenes images to help you photograph your own variations and a video editing tutorial that shows you how to put everything together in Photoshop so you’re guided from concept to completion.

With this 'grimoire of spells’ you’ll be successfully creating dozens of spectacular artworks guaranteed to charm your amazed followers.

How do I know? Because this is exactly what happened to me! Using these same PROVEN projects I created an artwork per week (while working a full-time job) that quickly built my reputation and portfolio and had magazines asking to feature my art after just a few weeks.


These projects can be created at home, or anywhere! The setting doesn’t matter because you’ll be creating entirely new worlds. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, with just a basic camera and Photoshop.

An example of how to create convincing Photoshop composites showing a girl in a forest sitting on the moon with a fox staring at a snowy mountain.
A photomanipulation composite showing a girl painting a big red stripe across her mouth surrounded by paint strokes, showing how to fake a painting like effect in Photoshop for a tutorial..
Learn how to create a perspective bending box effect using Photoshop.

PLUS ENROL TODAY and receive


Poorly photographed components can easily ruin your composites. If you’re worried about your photography skills this short course will help you confidently nail focus and exposure in manual mode. You’ll learn your camera’s features in a way that’s easy for creative brains to understand with simple exercises to practice.

"This is the only time in my life I have not had information overload (which makes my brain shut down) when learning about manual settings."

You’ll learn about exposure, (hocus) focus, lenses, white balance & RAW, accessories, advanced focusing techniques, using a remote and tripod, plus ways to start creating if you’re not yet comfortable in manual.

Usually $79 - included FREE


Although our creative composite library is designed to help you master Photoshop, this short course shows you how to organise and edit in Lightroom so you can pre-polish your photos ready for compositing and introduces you to the essential features of Photoshop such as layers, masks, selections, colour toning and special effects filters to give you a solid foundation that we’ll build upon in our compositing projects. 

Usually $59 - included FREE


Ready to make money from your newly created art?

I’ve shown you how to make unique portraits and create collectible artworks. Now I'll help you sell them! Inside this course you’ll learn all the ways I’ve alchemised my artworks into money with in-depth advice for sharing and promoting your work, establishing a business, entering competitions, receiving grants, exhibiting your art, selling stock, prints and products, and the many others ways to make art your career.

When you sell just one print or portrait session you’ll cover your investment in this entire course!

Usually $599 - included FREE


Receive an invitation to our safe and supportive Facebook community of fellow artists and new friends where you can share your creations or request personal guidance.

It’s my mission to help you become the artist you dream of being and a big part of that is to have people in your corner cheering you on. Inside our community you’ll receive motivation and inspiration to support you as you progress on your art journey.


Learn how to create double exposures to blend a portrait photograph and a landscape in Photoshop.
A fine art conceptual photograph of a fairy girl floating in the air with a dress shaped like a rose and wings made of leaves, a tutorial showing how to lengthen a dress and hair in Photoshop.
A conceptual fine art composite photo of a girl floating underwater surrounded by roses, a photomanipulation created in Photoshop for a tutorial showing how to fake underwater photos.

Meet your fairy godmother 🧚

Hello, I’m Hayley, a fine art photographer and Photoshop artist. I’ve always searched for magic on the fringes of reality - a fairy in my backyard, a world in a wardrobe, a genie in a lamp.

And finally I found it with Photoshop. Along with the creativity I desperately craved but never believed I had.

Learning photography was fun but resulted in a hard drive stuffed with photos I didn’t know what to do with. Photoshop compositing opened up another world where I could remix my library of images into entirely new realities. 

Photographer, Hayley Roberts, holds a camera while smiling.

I was fascinated by all the creative techniques Photoshop made possible and gave myself weekly art projects to attempt each one. Suddenly I was creating work my friends couldn’t believe and as my portfolio grew I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints, and products, receive grant-funding, offers to write for major publications and went viral.

Learning Photoshop was like someone waved a magic wand and granted me the gift of creativity and a portal to escape into other, more fantastical worlds. It completely transformed my life, from someone with no direction or purpose into an inspired and passionate creator. I still pinch myself thinking it’s a dream.

So now I teach this same wonderous ritual that worked so well for me to help other photographers come alive creatively and discover their potential.

If you’ve ever dreamed of attending magic school then consider this your invite. Exposing Ilusions will give a voice to your imagination and teach you how to fly.

Where's my owl?

Everything you receive:

Immediate and lifetime access to –

✨ The storytelling elements course that helps you generate, shape and realise your ideas

✨ Over 40 proven projects with comprehensive step by step instructions and behind the scenes images so you‘ll never feel lost

✨ Editing videos for every project, explained simply so they’re easy to follow nomatter your skill level

✨ An app to access the course if you’re out creating

✨ Searchable hashtags (such as ‘masking’) to find projects that help you practice particular skills

✨ 3 incredible bonus courses featuring sensational value

✨ VIP community membership

✨ A SURPRISE BONUS - A fun email series where I take you behind the scenes of every image I created while following this method so you can see I started out just like you!

A surreal conceptual photograph showing a girl lying on her back in water holding a flower surrounded by a ruined apocalyptic city as she hopes for better days. A tutorial showing how to fake underwater in Photoshop composites.
A Photoshop composite photomanipulation showing a girl dressed in white in a blue background reflected four times to look like a playing card, showing how to create a mirrored reflection in Photoshop.
A fine art conceptual photograph of a girl standing on a tree stump in an apocalyptic landscape staring down into a reflection of a lush forest. An example of how to create reflections in Photoshop composites.
A photomanipulation showing a girl standing in a reflected sunset scene holding heart shaped balloons and letting one go, an example for a tutorial on how to create silhouettes in Photoshop.

Enrol in Exposing Illusions

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Learn Photoshop, finally.


If you’re wondering if Exposing Illusions is as good as it sounds the only way to know is by joining now, taking 30 days to look around and then making an INFORMED decision.

If Exposing Illusions doesn't help you create magical images just contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund your payment ASAP.

A conceptual fine art photograph of a girl breaking apart into leaves using the dispersion effect in Photoshop.
A fine art conceptual photograph of a girl standing in a large boat looking out to sea as birds fly overhead.
A conceptual fine art photograph of a girl in a pink dress falling from the sky over a lavender field dropping an hourglass.

What is it costing you…

…wasting time stuck in the maze of endless tutorials where you’re unable to keep up or replicate their results?

…to keep yelling like a banshee at your computer BUT HOW DO I DO THAT?! because you lack the knowledge and skills to achieve the ideas in your head?

…to give the evil eye to others who create beautiful images you can only dream of?

What is it worth to you…

… to have someone take you by the hand and guide you right from opening up Photoshop through to creating and selling spellbinding artworks of your own?

…to have everything in one place so there’s no need to hunt constantly when you don’t even know what it is you need to know, saving yourself years of time and costly mistakes?

…to put an end to feeling like you're jinxed, blaming yourself for being too stupid to understand Photoshop because you can now operate it as second nature, confidently creating even your wildest visions?

Break the Photoshop curse!

"Before I joined, I had really lost my mojo for photography, something I love. I admire Hayley's work and when I saw that she was offering courses, I decided to bite the bullet and join, hoping I could learn some of her techniques. I have been dragged out of my comfort zone and tried so many new, for me, techniques. I am now enthusiastic once again for my photography and feel I am producing better, more thoughtful photos. I have taken my first, tentative steps into the world of Photoshop and have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. Joining Creative Photo Folk has turned out to be a wonderful decision."  - Janelle W

“Your logical explanations and lack of waffle make Creative Photo Folk a great experience for me. The videos are explanatory, similar to YouTube, but far more engaging and informative. Maybe it's the difference between a paid course from an expert vs free YouTube videos made by anyone who thinks they know what they're doing.

I love the bit of personality and sense of humour coming through in your text and videos, which makes the whole course very engaging.” - Holly A

"I am really enjoying learning Photoshop through Exposing Illusions. I was a complete beginner when I started, and I was very intimidated by Photoshop. 

I like the way each assignment is laid out and am learning to stretch my imagination when creating my own images. I love that I am able to look back at photos I took years ago and turn them into images I'm proud to share. Already I have gotten to a point where I consider the scene before I take a picture and know how I want it to look in editing. Even though I'm only a few assignments in, I feel confident I can create images and composites to share with family and friends.”  - Renee C

Student images

Janelle C (first Photoshop project)

Renee C (new to Photoshop)

Shannon E (some Photoshop experience)


Gaze into your crystal ball and see yourself… 🔮

🌟 Having fascinating Alice-like adventures as you easily and affordably capture images, style shoots or direct models to translate your imagination into reality.

🌟 Expressing your personal stories through precisely edited images in your distinct style as your following and popularity grow faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin.

🌟 Creating captivating thought-provoking artworks or meaningful portraits that touch the hearts and minds of others, inspiring them to dream and explore their own world of wonder.

🌟 Growing as a photographer, artist and wonderful human as your self-worth and confidence climb higher than Jack's beanstalk.

🌟 Proudly looking at your images hanging in a gallery, watching others connect with your art so deeply they wish to buy them to look at eternally.

🌟 Receiving recognition and accolades, giving your creations as gifts, and attracting a stream of clients wanting to purchase your artworks or pay for your unique skills.

Sound better than where you are now?
I'm living proof that it's all absolutely possible.
Fulfil the prophecy!

If you’re ready to kiss the frog, step inside the fairy circle, or ride your broom into a new, more dazzling reality, simply chant...