Become an EXCITING in-demand photographer

by mastering photography THE FUN WAY and elevating your photos INTO ART


A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river, showing how to take fireworks photography long exposures.
A photograph of a finger popping a soap bubble, a how to creative photography tutorial about how to take high speed bubble photography.

Remember how fantastic photography first felt? 📷

You loved exploring the world through a viewfinder, escaping life's problems as you discovered the beauty of everyday things. 🌹

Until you looked around and noticed your photos weren’t nearly as impressive as those you admire. 🥀

And now…

😔 All the once inspirational photos on Instagram only intimidate and make you feel bad by comparison.

😔 Your photos seem less creative, interesting and accomplished than your peers and you're self-conscious about sharing them (and when you do there's crickets. 🦗)

😔 Your favourite subjects feel stale and your photos don't match your vision only clogging up your hard drive.

So you commit to improving, buying new gear, watching YouTube tutorials and doing workshops but the more you learn, the more there is to learn...

Composition. Storytelling. Lighting. Posing. Creative techniques. Lightroom. Photoshop.
Not to mention finding a niche and style!

IT’S A LOT and how do you even tackle it when you don’t know where to begin?

Conflicted by the passion you once felt for photography and the fear you don’t have the talent you find yourself saying, "I don’t have time anyway".

Then it’s BYE BYE MOJO! 👋

This might sound like your story but it’s the story of thousands of photographers.


Because traditional ways of learning photography ruin your confidence (rather than building it) so it

But what if...

🌟 Photography was so CREATIVE and INTERESTING you couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing because the journey is SO FUN that the destination doesn’t matter?

🌟 And by loving spending time with your camera, trying new things and practicing exactly what you need to learn, your photos naturally improve, turning out better than you envision.

🌟 With photos you're proud of, you’re eager NOT afraid, to polish them in editing knowing exactly how to make them REALLY stand out.

🌟 And sharing them is exciting because they’re so original that they always get LOADS of attention.

🌟 Then with your unique style and admired reputation it’s easy to make money from the photography you enjoy (without turning the hobby you love into a job you despise).

See the difference?

If you’re ready to kick insecurity to the curb and become the inspiring photographer you deserve to be let’s change your approach to photography and reignite your passion foreverrrr!




Master photography creatively to transform your hobby
into an exciting adventure and your photos into art that sells.

Inside this self-paced course you’ll receive a series of fun-filled creative projects carefully ordered to help you practice necessary photography skills while you create images so epic and original they CANNOT FAIL to impress!
This is not a traditional course where you learn by sitting at a computer (instead of practicing) but a library of creative projects designed to teach you everything you need to know about photography as you complete fun and exciting shoots that build your jaw-dropping portfolio without ever feeling like work.

When photography is this thrilling and fulfilling it definitely ain’t mojo-killing!

A creative product photograph of fruit and muesli falling into a bowl of milk showing how to do flying food photography using high speed studio lighting and other creative ideas.
A creative trick photo of a mandala made from photos of pink flowers for a tutorial on how to make mandalas in Photoshop.
Frank, the bunny from Donnie Darko created with reflected incense smoke for a tutorial on how to use studio lighting to do high speed smoke photography.
A creative planet panorama of New Zealand's famous Wanaka tree for a tutorial on how to create this trick photography technique.

So how does this work?

When you first join Photo Fun Addicts you’ll receive a guided video tour, some small tasks to ease you in and introductory emails with a plan for completing the projects.

To begin, strengthen your visual language with our foundational trainings on art theory and storytelling and when you’re ready to start photographing jump into one of our project libraries...

Photo Fun Addicts course


Fun projects designed to improve your in-camera technical skills including...

• Perspective projects to help you see the world from fresh angles
• Gear projects to learn creative ways to use your lenses and accessories
• Aperture projects that help you practice using depth of field
• Shutter speed projects to experiment with time
• Projects to liven up landscapes
• Special equipment projects (using mostly inexpensive items, some you’ll already own) for adding something EXTRA

Total: 33 projects and growing


Projects that help you learn lighting

Lighting can seem difficult to learn but in reality it’s easier than you think. Start by watching an introductory training for working with studio lights then tackle projects like:

Lighting with household items, high and low key light, ways to shape light, freezing high speed subjects and light painting.

Don’t have expensive equipment? Neither do I! A simple Speedlite is enough for most projects.

Total: 16 projects


Projects to level up your editing skills

Our editing library features projects that can only be achieved with some form of editing. These are arranged to ease you into various tools and techniques in Photoshop so you can tackle them even if you’re new to the program. You’ll learn how to create clones, make subjects float or fly and plenty of other popular techniques like double exposures or focus stacking that you’ve been curious to try.

Total: 19 projects and growing

A trick photograph of a beach bent at the sides using the perspective bending technique in Photoshop.


A macro photo of colourful paint in oil.
Tricks that are quick and easy to complete but still pack a punch!

My goal is to make Photo Fun Addicts the most comprehensive library of creative photography projects in existence so there’s never a need to go anywhere else for ideas, but not every project fit into the lesson plan. That’s why I created the quick tricks library with simple bite-sized ideas for exceptional images. You’ll find these same projects on my YouTube channel but with extra bonuses like easy to reference step-by-step instructions and Photoshop actions.

With so much variety photography will always stay fresh and interesting so that it’s a fun, life-long hobby not one where your passion wanes.

A creative trick photography tutorial showing how to photograph long exposure light trail inside a car
An example of how to do ICM photography showing a forest with intentional camera movement in blurry streaks.
An example of how to do scanography showing a face and wild hair photographed with a scanner for a tutorial.
A high speed photograph capturing milk and coffee beans splashing into an owl mug for a tutorial on how to create photography tricks using flash lighting.

These projects give you a wealth of ideas so that you’ll never capture an average photo again, no matter what style of photography you most enjoy.

Photographing a landscape? Instead of pointing and shooting you’ll have tons of ideas to really convey the majesty or capture the details.

Photographing a portrait? Instead of wondering how to liven up your shoot you’ll have so many artistic ways to capture your models that people line up to work with you.

Stuck for ideas? Instead of making excuses about having no time just look around your house for interesting subjects and you’ll have ideas a’plenty to create magic in under an hour.

A photograph of citrus fruit splashing into water for a tutorial on how to capture high speed photography tricks of fast moving objects.
A landscape photograph of rocks in the ocean showing how to use the Harris Shutter Photoshop editing technique to make the ocean look magical.
A sunset scene with streaky clouds created to show how to do the time stacking trick photography technique.

What kind of projects to expect:

Forced & rotated perspective * Flat lays * Freelensing * Macro & still life * Cross polarisation * Soft focus * Shoot through filters * Light trails * ICM * Astrophotography * Star trails * Time stacks * Fireworks * Lightning * Bokeh * Silhouettes * Milk bath * Steel wool * Glass ball * Refraction * Scanography * Black light * Low & high key * Gobos * Projections * Water drops * Paint in water * Splashes * Milk dress * Flour * Smoke * Bubbles * Slow sync flash * Stroboscopic * Light painting * Multiplicity * Levitation * Flying food * Double exposures * Panoramas * HDR * Focus stacking * Perspective bending * Planet panos * Tilt-shift * Orton effect * Harris shutter * Infrared * Cinemagraphs

Our projects are comprehensively researched so you ONLY get the best instructions, personally tested so you can be SURE they work, and arranged in a specific order that grows your skills practically, progressively and efficiently.

Check out my YouTube channel to see the depth of my teaching.

A photograph of a pink crown shaped waterdrop showing how to do creative high speed trick photography with a flash.
A multiplicity photomanipulation of a girl standing with her arms crossed staging a protest while her clones stand in front with their hands tied behind their backs with white ribbons.
A creative photograph of a bubble planet for a tutorial on how take trick photos using high speed studio lighting.
A waterfall surrounded by pink foliage from a tutorial on how to create an infrared photo in Photoshop.

There's no need to complete every project although, speaking from experience, you’ll have a fantastic time if you do! But I recommend familiarising yourself with each one to learn the skills and discover new ideas.

Whether you're a beginner or more advanced photographer we'll challenge you with new subjects, new creative techniques and a new, more positive outlook.

PLUS ENROL TODAY and receive


While there’s a good chance you’re already competent with your camera this course is designed for those not yet comfortable in manual or who fail to nail focus 90% of the time. Too often technical skills let down amazing photos and we only want you capturing winners!

Learning the technical side of photography is often dry and inaccessible (ugh, exposure triangle) so I explain your camera’s features in a way that’s easy to understand with simple exercises to practice.

"This is the only time in my life I have not had information overload (which makes my brain shut down) when learning about manual settings."

We cover exposure, focus and lenses, white balance and RAW, accessories, advanced focusing techniques, using a remote and tripod, plus ways to start creating if you’re not yet comfortable in manual.

Usually $79 - included FREE


New to Lightroom or Photoshop? Pretty scary right? Inside this Editing Essentials course you’ll learn how to organise and polish your photos to perfection in Lightroom and I’ll take the fear out of learning Photoshop by introducing you to its essential features such as layers, masks, selections, color toning and special effects filters so you can comfortably conquer our creative editing projects.

I believe it’s more beneficial to learn Photoshop ‘on the job’ then trying to memorise tools you might never use so this short course gives you a solid foundation that we’ll build upon in our editing projects.

Usually $59 - included FREE


Now that you have an accomplished portfolio wouldn’t you love to make money from it?

This extensive course, easily worth hundreds, is yours completely free! It covers all the ways I’ve made money from creative photography with in-depth advice for sharing and promoting your work, establishing a business, entering competitions, receiving grants, exhibiting your art, selling stock, prints and products, and the many others ways to make money from creative photography so you can work less and create more.

Usually $599 - included FREE


Let’s face it, there’s a fine line between helpful suggestions and cruel criticisms and photography groups can be the wild west in terms of support.

Imagine if you had a safe space to seek help without fear of judgement, to post your photos without criticism, to receive personal feedback that’s empowering, not dismissive, and to geek out with a bunch of like-minded friends about your exciting creations?

That’s the Photo Fun Addicts support group.

It’s my mission to help you become the photographer and artist you dream of being and a big part of that is to have people in your corner cheering you on. Our group is a supportive space encouraging play, experimentation, connection and kindness where no question is too simple and no editing is too much (or too little).

I’ll give you plenty of guidance to stay positive and lovingly push you outside your comfort zone to reach your potential. Plus seeing the amazing creations of your friends will help keep you motivated, excited by possibility.


SO MUCH VALUE! YES! Sign me up!
Learn how to create double exposures to blend a portrait photograph and a landscape in Photoshop.
A photomanipulation showing how to do levitation photography with a girl floating above a stone circle with levitating candles, being struck by lighting, an example of conceptual Photoshop composite art.
A creative photograph of a pink and yellow heart made from paint dropped in water.

Meet your guide - Hi, I'm Hayley!

I’ve never been great at following rules and I found learning photography was full of restrictions that left little room for creativity.

Shoot it this way, not that way. If you do that you’ll look stupid. And definitely don’t do that because that’s cheating. Buy this gear if you want to improve. But try not to get attached because you’ll never make money.

It only made me feel bad. Where was the fun and play?

So I stopped doing what I was told and started pulling on the threads of creativity, becoming obsessed with trying every photography and editing trick I could find to push the boundaries of possibility.

Photographer, Hayley Roberts, holds a camera while smiling.

And guess what? It turns that’s the key because you can’t stand out by fitting in.

As my portfolio grew I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints, and products, receive grant-funding, invitations to write for major publications and went viral. And it all came as a bit of a shock because I was just having fun with my camera creating photos that brought me so much joy.

So now I teach photography because I love to show photographers that all rules are made to be broken. That your photography gets to be as creative as you choose and anyone who rains on your parade is not worthy of your attention. In my communities you are free to play and experiment by doing whatever makes you happy because when you love what you do and pursue your passion fearlessly success comes naturally.

So let's create and have some fun!

Everything you receive:

⚡ Immediate and lifetime access to our 4 project libraries filled with stimulating ideas.

⚡ Over 70 proven projects with comprehensive step by step instructions and behind the scenes images so you never feel lost.

⚡ Editing videos explained simply so they’re easy to follow, nomatter your skill level.

⚡ Printable instructions to reference while shooting so you always nail the techniques.

⚡ An app to access your creative libraries on the go.

⚡ Searchable hashtags to help you find projects catered to your interest or skill level so whatever you’re shooting you can pull up applicable ideas to make any scenario interesting.

⚡ 3 incredible bonus courses featuring insane value.

⚡ Access to our VIP community to connect, share tips, swap ideas and show off your results.

⚡ Challenges that motivate you to try something new for a top spot on our leaderboard or a feature in our Hall of Fame. 🏆

And most importantly the direction you need to transform your photography and maximise your time.

A creative photograph of flowers photographed to show how to do freelensing photography.
A tutorial showing how to freeze raindrops with high speed flash lighting to create beautiful portrait photos in the rain.
Astrophotography of a tree surrounded by light trails for a tutorial on how to photograph the stars.
A photograph of paint in water shaped like a pink fish, showing how to use high speed flash lighting to make creative trick photos.

Join Photo Fun Addicts

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One time payment then keep forever

30 day money back guarantee

For less than the cost of an in-person workshop or your next lens purchase you’ll create more astounding photos than you ever thought possible, no matter your skill level right now.
For less than the cost of an in-person workshop or your next lens purchase you’ll create more astounding photos than you ever thought possible, no matter your skill level right now.


If you’re wondering if Photo Fun Addicts is as good as it sounds the only way to know is by joining now, taking 30 days to look around and then making an INFORMED decision

If Photo Fun Addicts doesn’t help you create more exciting photos just contact us within 30 days and we’ll refund your payment ASAP.

A photograph of silhouetted boats on water with a colourful sunset twirl in the sky.
A photograph of a glass ball surrounded by green and red light painting, showing how to do photography tricks.
A black and white trick photograph of the double exposure hands over face technique.
A creative photograph of a lightbulb on a colourfully lit iPad.

What is it costing you wasting time using a scattershot approach that keeps you bogged down in confusion?

What is it worth to be able to capture any subject in ways SO ORIGINAL that your photos amaze all who see them (and even your inner critic has nothing to say).

The neatly packaged information inside in this course took me thousands of dollars and years’ worth of time to learn. It’s impossible to know the journey ahead of you but as someone who has travelled the path I can tell you, there’s a better way to master photography and it’s all right here.

A photograph of a yellow and pink heart created from paint dropped in water and combined in Photoshop for a tutorial on high speed paint in water creative trick photography.

“Easy to understand, educational, motivational as well as inspirational material. It has been instrumental in helping me get out of a long lasting slump and back to enjoying photography again. Hayley is attentive, supportive, always friendly and quick to respond. If you are new to photography or experienced there are plenty of projects to help you along, encourage you to try something new and get your photo-mojo back!” - David G

"Before I joined, I had really lost my mojo for photography, something I love. I have been dragged out of my comfort zone and tried so many new, for me, techniques. I am now enthusiastic once again for my photography and feel I am producing better, more thoughtful photos. I have taken my first, tentative steps into the world of Photoshop and have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. Joining Creative Photo Folk has turned out to be a wonderful decision." - Janelle W

I found Creative Photo Folk to be a fantastic place - The content is easy to understand, in a way that I haven't found other trainings to be. Well thought out lessons and information, plenty of images/videos and real life examples, and I was inspired by the creative projects too.

I love the personality and sense of humour coming through in your text and videos which makes the whole course very engaging.”  - Holly A

Student images

A long exposure photograph of a Christmas tree used bird shaped bokeh stencils for a tutorial on how to do stencil bokeh photography.

David G

Cate R

Shannon E

Janelle W



There’s two ways to learn photography…

🥱 The dull way sitting in front of a computer, practicing with random subjects struggling to remember everything you’ve learnt and blending in with everyone else.

😍 OR the fun way engrossed in experiments with exciting creative techniques that make every subject fascinating and the hours fly by as you grow your skills and capture winner after winner.

So now you get to choose…

Do you want to be the photographer…

💛 Who loves photography so deeply that you excitedly count the hours to when you can escape into your favourite hobby knowing exactly what you intend to achieve and how to realise your vision.

💛 Who no longer feels unhappy and unfulfilled, deeply sensing you were meant for more because photography gives you the self-expression, confidence and pride you crave.

💛 Who challenges yourself to experiment with creative possibilities while constantly learning and improving to push your photography to new heights as you grow into an artist.

💛 Who has a head full of ideas and the technical skills to consistently nail high-quality images more imaginative and unique than ever before that have people begging to know how you created them.

💛 Who establishes a reputation that opens up paid opportunities for exhibitions, collaborations, awards and commissions while positively impacting others.

Or will you stay in the discomfort of years’ worth of struggle or "maybe one days"?

If you’re ready to transform your photography forever, hit the button below and...