To the photographer wanting to know the secrets for more impactful photos...

Learn Creative Techniques to Capture the Most Astonishing Photos of Your Life with Ease

Inside the ULTIMATE library of
creative photography tricks and photo-editing techniques


Your happy place is behind a camera photographing different subjects and techniques.

So you don't want to cram yourself into a niche or add pressure to your favourite hobby by going pro. 

But you wouldn't mind selling prints or winning competitions!

The problem is by trying everything it's harder to be good at anything. There’s just so much to learn and master! And sometimes it can feel so daunting it's just easier not to pick up your camera at all.

Long exposure light trails in Queenstown, New Zealand
Glass lensball portrait photo

But what if you had had exciting ideas on hand to capture incredible photos in ANY situation so your photos EASILY amaze all who see them😲

And those ideas came with handy instructions so you could simply follow a formula to transform any photo into money-making art. 💰

While mastering necessary photography skills FAST to leap over frustration and finally become the inspiring photographer others admire. 🌟

Wouldn’t that make photography easier and a whole lot more worthwhile?

Well, listen up...because if you're ready to level up your photography so you stand out in a sea of photographers, have more fun, receive loads of compliments, win awards, get exhibited and make money from your photos...

 ...then you need...


The ULTIMATE library of simple step-by-step creative photography
techniques to transform your photos into astonishing art

Planet panorama of Vancouver

Photo Fun Addicts is THE comprehensive library of creative photography projects, full of instant inspiration and simple to follow instructions to help you replicate exciting photography techniques with ease.

Inside you’ll discover the secrets the pros use (and don't want you to know) to capture images so epic and original they CANNOT FAIL to impress.

And the best part is the projects are designed to elevate your photography, lighting and editing skills progressively so you'll master photography THE FUN WAY while gaining the confidence and skills to create your most astonishing images YET.

Heart shaped paint in water photo

When photography is this thrilling and fulfilling it definitely ain’t mojo-killing!


So how does it work?

Well let's say you plan on taking photos this weekend...

Simply jump into Photo Fun Addicts and pull up a list of creative ideas for unique and inspiring ways to capture your chosen subject...

...then just replicate the set up in the behind the scenes images and follow easy step-by-step instructions to nail your chosen technique first go...

Harris shutter beach landscape photograph

...or choose from dozens of impressive editing suggestions and follow along with the tutorial videos to take your photos to the next level...

Black and white architecture fine art photo

...all while learning vital in-camera, lighting and editing skills to consistently create photos that make people's jaws drop.

And best of all you don’t need expensive photography gear!

You can buy special gadgets if you like but most of these creative techniques were photographed in my garage or nearby surroundings using the cheapest gear and accessories money can buy.

It’s not gear that improves your photography, it’s knowing how to create magic with the gear you already own. ✨

Inside Photo Fun Addicts you'll find 4 project libraries with...


in-camera projects


lighting projects


editing projects


quick tricks


📷 Change perspective
📷 Forced & rotated perspective
📷 Flat lays & overhead
📷 Wide angle lens distortion
📷 Freelensing
📷 Macro & still life
📷 Cross polarisation

📷 Soft focus
📷 Arty shoot-through filters
📷 Beautiful bokeh
📷 Dramatic silhouettes
📷 Long exposure landscapes
📷 Light trails

📷 Ghostly blurs
📷 Panning & zooming
📷 Astrophotography
📷 Star trails
📷 Turn night into day
📷 Timestacking
📷 Fireworks

📷 Lightning
📷 Rain projects
📷 Scenic self portraits
📷 Bath portraits
📷 Steel wool
📷 Glass ball
📷 Refraction
📷 Liquid experiments

📷 Scanography
📷 Fog/smoke machine
📷 Glow in the dark

How to change perspective photography idea

Change perspective

How to do rotated perspective photography idea

Forced & rotated perspective

How to do flat lay photography idea

Flat lays & overhead

How to do wide angle lens distortion photography idea

Wide angle lens distortion

How to do freelensing photography idea


How to do macro and still life photography idea - Gizmo from Gremlins

Macro & still life

How to do cross polarisation photography idea

Cross polarisation

How to do soft focus photography idea

Soft focus

How to use arty shoot through filters photography idea

Arty shoot-through filters

How to create bokeh photography idea

Beautiful bokeh

How to do silhouettes photography idea

Dramatic silhouettes

How to do long exposure landscape photography idea

Long exposure landscapes

How to do light trails photography idea

Light trails

How to do ghostly blurs photography idea

Ghostly blurs

How to do panning and zooming photography idea

Panning & zooming

How to do ICM photography idea


How to do astrophotography


How to do star trails photography idea

Star trails

How to turn night into day photography idea

Turn night into day

How to do timestacking photography idea


How to photograph fireworks


How to photograph lightning


What to photograph on a rainy day

Rain projects

How to photograph scenic self-portraits

Scenic self portraits

How to do milk bath photography idea

Bath portraits

How to do steel wool photography idea

Steel wool

How to do glass ball photography idea

Glass ball

How to do refraction photography idea


How to do liquid experiments photography idea

Liquid experiments

How to do scanography photography idea


How to do fog and smoke photography

Fog/smoke machine

How to do glow in the dark photography idea

Glow in the dark


How to light with everyday objects photography idea

Light with everyday objects

How to do low key lighting photography idea

Low key lighting

How to do high key lighting photography idea

High key lighting

How to use gobos photography idea

Using gobos

How to photograph with a projector photography idea


How to do photograph water drops photography idea

Water drops

How to photograph paint in water photography idea

Paint in water

How to photograph splashes photography idea


How to photograph milk dress photography idea

Milk dress

How to photograph flour photography idea


How to do smoke photography idea


How to photograph bubbles photography idea


How to photograph slow sync photography idea

Slow sync

How to do stroboscopic photography idea


How to do light painting photography idea

Light painting

💡 Light with everyday objects
💡 Low key lighting
💡 High key lighting
💡 Using gobos
💡 Projections
💡 Water drops

💡 Paint in water
💡 Splash
💡 Milk dress
💡 Flour
💡 Smoke

💡 Bubbles
💡 Slow sync
💡 Stroboscopic
💡 Light painting


How to mirror an image photography and Photoshop idea

Mirror an image

How to do multiplicity and clone photography and Photoshop idea

Multiplicity clones

How to do levitation photography and Photoshop idea


How to do flying food photography and Photoshop idea

Flying food

How to use textures and overlays photography and Photoshop idea

Textures & overlays

How to do double exposures photography and Photoshop idea

Double exposures

How to create panoramas photography and Photoshop idea

Panoramas & Brenizer

How to do exposure blending photography and Photoshop idea

Exposure blending

How to replace skies photography and Photoshop idea

Replace skies

How to do HDR photography and Photoshop idea


How to do focus stacking photography and Photoshop idea

Focus stacking

How to do perspective bending photography and Photoshop idea

Perspective bending

How to do planet panoramas photography and Photoshop idea

Planet pano

How to do tilt-shift photography and Photoshop idea

Tilt-shift blur

How to do Orton Effect photography and Photoshop idea

Orton effect

How to do Harris Shutter photography and Photoshop idea

Harris Shutter

How to colorize an old photo photography and Photoshop idea


How to fake Infrared photography and Photoshop idea

Fake infrared

How to make cinemagraphs photography and Photoshop idea


💻 Mirror an image
💻 Multiplicity clones
💻 Levitation
💻 Flying food
💻 Textures & overlays
💻 Double exposures

💻 Panoramas & Brenizer
💻 Exposure blending
💻 Replace skies
💻 Focus stacking
💻 Perspective bending

💻 Planet pano
💻 Tilt-shift blur
💻 Orton effect
💻 Harris Shutter
💻 Colourisation
💻 Cinemagraphs
💻 Fake infrared


Photo Fun Addicts is the most complete creative library you'll ever find so there's no need to go anywhere else, but not every project fit the carefully ordered lesson plan. That’s where the quick tricks library comes in with simple bite-sized ideas for exceptional images.

⏲️ Hands over face
⏲️ Twirl art
⏲️ Mirrored animals
⏲️ Mandala art

⏲️ Waterdrops on CDs
⏲️ Adamski Effect
⏲️ Paint in oil and milk
⏲️ Blackout animals
⏲️ Painted ice

⏲️ Orbs
⏲️ Ice lit by gels
⏲️ Ring on book
⏲️ Folded book pages
⏲️ Pixel stretch effect

⏲️ Lightbulb on tablet
⏲️ 3D pop up effect
⏲️ Backlit refraction
⏲️ Neon effects
⏲️ Fiber optic light painting

⏲️ Textured flowers
⏲️ Light painted spirographs
⏲️ Architecture editing
⏲️ Screw city
⏲️ Landshapes

⏲️ Cardboard shapes
⏲️ Photos in brushstrokes
⏲️ + more coming soon

How to do hands over face photography and Photoshop idea

Hands over face

How to twirl art photography and Photoshop idea

Twirl art

How to mirror animals photography and Photoshop idea

Mirrored animals

How to make mandalas photography and Photoshop idea

Mandala art

How to photograph waterdrops on CDs

Waterdrops on CDs

How to do the Adamski Effect photography and Photoshop idea

Adamski Effect

How to photograph paint in oil and milk photography idea

Paint in oil and milk

How to create black out animals photography and Photoshop idea

Blackout animals

How to photograph painted ice photography idea

Painted ice

How to make orbs photography and Photoshop idea


How to photograph ice lit by gels photography idea

Ice lit by gels

How to photograph ring on book shadow photography idea

Ring on book

How to photograph folded book pages photography idea

Folded book pages

How to create the pixel stretch effect photography and Photoshop idea

Pixel stretch effect

How to photograph a lightbulb on a tablet photography idea

Lightbulb on tablet

How to create a 3D pop up effect photography and Photoshop idea

3D pop up effect

How to photograph backlit refractions photography idea

Backlit refractions

A photo of a neon moon sitting in a forest at night

Neon effects

A photo of a camera lit by fiber optic light painting

Fiber optic light painting

A photo of a flower given a fine art feel by editing in textures

Textured flowers

A photo of a spirograph created with light painting

Light painted spirographs

A black and white fine art photo of architecture

Architecture editing

A photo of nuts, bolts and screws arranged to look like a city

Screw city

A photo of a colourful ball in a landscape


A photo of backlit cardboard shapes

Cardboard shapes

A photo of a landscape featured in a brushstroke to look like a painting

Photos in brushstokes

+ more coming soon

So you can offer unique services or enter competitions, exhibitions and weekly challenges and ALWAYS have the creative edge! 🎉


Want a free sample?

Learn the Adamski Effect


Please note: Not every project contains video. Some feature text with behind the scenes images.


Every project is comprehensively researched so you ONLY get the best instructions, personally tested so you can BE SURE THEY WORK, arranged in an order to grow your skills progressively, and designed to make your photos the envy of all who see them.

A mirrored photograph of a girl wearing a headdress to look like a playing card

And with projects you can use for all kinds of interests you'll become one of the most EXCITING and ADMIRED photographers around.

A mirrored photograph of a girl wearing a headdress to look like a playing card

Product photography
Food photography
Portrait photography
Landscape photography
Travel photography
Wildlife photography
Children's photography
Macro photography
Street photography
Sport photography
Wedding photography
Real estate photography
Abstract photography
Flower photography 

A creative product photograph of fruit and muesli falling into a bowl of milk showing how to do flying food photography using high speed studio lighting and other creative ideas.

With over 80 projects you'll never run out of fascinating things to shoot, making photography a fresh and exciting passion FOR LIFE!

A photo of a rabbit made from incense smoke

Ways to use your libraries:

Looking for inspiring ideas for your next shoot?

Simply jump in the library and grab ideas and instructions for exciting new ways to capture your favourite subjects.

Prefer to learn only the creative techniques for a specific interest?
Then sort the library to show just the projects related to your passion and work through each one to propel yourself above the rest in your field.

Want to improve your photography skills while creating sellable art?
Then approach it like a photo challenge by completing each project in order to improve your skills progressively and build your jaw-dropping portfolio of unique sellable art.

Everything you receive: 

4 project libraries

Immediate and lifetime access to the 4 project libraries filled with exciting ideas for artistic photos that defy belief and demand attention without wasting hours searching for inspiration on YouTube.

80+ projects

Over 80 proven projects PLUS more added regularly featuring comprehensive step by step instructions and behind the scenes images so you can follow a fail-proof process to nail every project first go.

Editing videos

Walkthrough editing videos explained simply so they’re easy to follow, nomatter your experience with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Printable PDFS

Instructions you can easily print for a physical copy or conveniently reference on your chosen device while shooting.

This means you can stress less about technical problems and focus on adding your individual flair to make each project uniquely your own.

A convenient app

An easy to access downloadable app helps you reference your creative libraries on the go if you ever need to look at set up images or editing videos.

Searchable hashtags

Use hashtags to sort the projects by interest or skill level (with projects catering from beginner to advanced) so whatever you’re shooting you can pull up applicable ideas to improve any scenario.

And with the VIP upgrade you also receive: 

Creative community

Membership in our VIP support community of like-minded creators to connect, ask for advice, share tips, show off your results and receive encouraging personal feedback to help you grow.


Weekly challenges

For more accountability you can participate in weekly challenges with a new creative theme emailed each week! Unlike other challenges this one is carefully designed using projects that improve your skills progressively.


A portal to submit your images and earn points for a top spot on our leaderboard or a feature on our socials. 🏆



You know that feeling you get when you nail a great shot?

It’s exhilarating and probably why you started photography in the first place.

Imagine having that feeling every shot you take with a convenient library of fresh ideas and instructions at your fingertips so you always know exactly how to create the best photos possible!

And as you play with exciting new ways to capture your subjects, photography becomes a thrilling adventure so you’ll happily devote every spare second to creating with your camera improving faster than you even thought possible.

Then instead of letting your photos disappear into the depths of your hard drive you'll proudly share them with your adoring followers and fellow photographers who will BEG to know your secrets.

And to prove that you can create wow-worthy photos WITHOUT stunning models, astounding locations, expensive gear and complicated set ups you'll also receive these



Learn off-camera lighting for free

Photography lighting can seem difficult to grasp because most educators use expensive lights and lots of them! In this bonus 50 minute class I explain lighting as simply as possible so you will understand lighting, finally. Afterwards you'll be able to complete our lighting projects with confidence using inexpensive gear.

You'll learn:

  • The shockingly simple way that lighting works
  • The difference between flash and continuous/constant light
  • What to look for when purchasing your first flash
  • Extra accessories
  • What is E-TTL and do I need it?
  • Different modifiers and what they’re best used for
  • The quality of light
  • The inverse square law
  • Lighting patterns
  • The basic three-point studio lighting set up
  • A process for using off-camera lighting

Usually $59 - included FREE


Some of our portrait projects obviously need people which may seem daunting if you aren't comfortable posing others. 

Inside this bonus you'll receive two posing guides:

How to photograph self-portraits and use yourself as a model

Not all of us have willing subjects handy so sometimes it's just easier to photograph yourself! In this guide you'll learn the many benefits of self-portraiture and the technical process for shooting (in focus) self-portraits. While this may seem like a horrifying prospect now, I bet you'll be surprised by how much you enjoy being both behind and in front of the camera. I certainly was! And now shooting self-portraits is my favourite thing. 

Guidelines for perfect posing when you're ready to work with models

You'll learn basic posing theory, where to find models, tips for helping a model relax, and a variety of flattering poses. 

Usually $29 - included FREE

Learn posing for free

Meet your guide - Hi, I'm Hayley!

How often have you looked at a photo and thought, ‘how did they do that?’ While this might be a curiosity for some, for me it’s an obsession. I’ve devoted years to peeking behind the curtains at the tricks photographers use, studying every creative technique imaginable.

Because for much of my life I didn’t believe I was creative but photography opened a door I thought was unavailable to me. So rather than using my camera to document scenes I found it wildly more exciting to use photography as an artform. That's how I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints and products, receive grant-funding, invitations to write for major publications, and went viral.

Photographer, Hayley Roberts, holds a camera while smiling.

Then one day I thought, maybe there are other people like me? And hey presto, Photo Fun Addicts was born. I’m the magician who reveals all the tricks by compiling everything I know about creative photography into a library of exciting projects for photographers who love to play, experiment and create. With a guided path you'll avoid years of overwhelm and frustration on your journey from an average photographer to an amazing one.

These proven projects help you make the most of your limited free time without the overwhelming process of figuring out what to try next, finding someone to teach you, watching rambling YouTube tutorials and getting failed results with no one to help you analyse what went wrong.

I’ve tracked down all the ideas, done the research and tested each project so you can skip over the years of experimentation and frustration and simply pick up your camera and create!




Price in USD

One time payment for LIFETIME ACCESS

4 creative project libraries - VALUE $599

+ BONUS lighting course - VALUE $59

+ BONUS posing guides - VALUE $39 

+ 30 day money back guarantee



Upgrade for an extra $50 to access the:

+ Supportive VIP community
+ Themed weekly email challenges
+ Leaderboard competition

You’ve probably spent more money on neglected photography gear that could NEVER improve your photography this dramatically!
 For far less than the cost of an in-person workshop (to learn only one of these techniques) you'll create in-demand photos more astounding than you ever thought possible and transform your photography forever, no matter your skill level right now.
Plus you'll have it to reference for life, making it a far wiser investment than a useless piece of kit.


If you’re wondering if Photo Fun Addicts is a a good fit for you the only way to know is by joining now,
taking 30 days to look around and then making an INFORMED decision

If Photo Fun Addicts doesn’t help you create more exciting photos just contact me within 30 days and I’ll refund your payment.

“Easy to understand, educational, motivational as well as inspirational material. It has been instrumental in helping me get out of a long lasting slump and back to enjoying photography again. Hayley is attentive, supportive, always friendly and quick to respond. If you are new to photography or experienced there are plenty of projects to help you along, encourage you to try something new and get your photo-mojo back!” - David G

"Before I joined, I had really lost my mojo for photography, something I love. I have been dragged out of my comfort zone and tried so many new, for me, techniques. I am now enthusiastic once again for my photography and feel I am producing better, more thoughtful photos. I have taken my first, tentative steps into the world of Photoshop and have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. Joining Creative Photo Folk has turned out to be a wonderful decision." - Janelle W

I found Creative Photo Folk to be a fantastic place - The content is easy to understand, in a way that I haven't found other trainings to be. Well thought out lessons and information, plenty of images/videos and real life examples, and I was inspired by the creative projects too.

I love the personality and sense of humour coming through in your text and videos which makes the whole course very engaging.”  - Holly A

Student images

A photograph of a man reading in atmospheric light

David G

A flat lay product photograph of gin-making

Cate R

A light painting photograph of a man in a boat on the sea

Shannon E

A multiplicity photograph of 3 women in the garden

Janelle W


A photograph of a finger bursting a bubble in crisp detail
An example of how to do scanography showing a face and wild hair photographed with a scanner for a tutorial.
A double exposure photograph of hands over face
A high speed photograph capturing milk and coffee beans splashing into an owl mug for a tutorial on how to create photography tricks using flash lighting.

Most photographers can take a decent photo so it’s difficult to stand out unless you learn the creative techniques that make your photos so artistic and interesting they're impossible to ignore and easy to sell. 💰

In order to succeed you’ve got to be different, not just better. Photo Fun Addicts unlocks your ability to create jaw-dropping, eye-popping, scroll-stopping photos that impress, amaze and sell!

So, if you’re ready to become an inspiring and admired photographer then join us inside...


The MUST-HAVE accessory for every creative photographer and you DON'T want to be the one without it!

Price: $697
Today: $249

30 day 100% money back guarantee. One time payment for lifetime access.