Transform Your Photos from Disappointing Mojo Killers into

Develop your creative confidence and take the most incredible photos of your life from your very next click…

A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river, showing how to take fireworks photography long exposures.
A bear stands on a log against a black background - an example of the editing technique - blackout animals

Ever dreamed about making money from your photos so you can spend less time at work and more time on the hobby you love?

But deep down you don’t REALLY believe it’s possible because…

Who on earth would pay money for YOUR photos and even if they did surely commercialising your passion would spoil your fun!

Honestly, right now you’d just be happy if your photos were appreciated, not ignored because it's destroying your confidence and you fear losing your mojo and abandoning your expensive camera.

But what if I told you…

There was a way to have MORE fun with photography than ever before while growing your skills and confidence FAST and easily creating INCREDIBLE images that people are obsessed with?

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not because this is exactly what happened to me...

Ten years ago I was ready to quit photography because after years and years of study and practice all I had to show for it was a hard drive full of useless photos.

So instead, I stopped photographing everything in sight and started playing with the really creative techniques like light painting, intentional camera movement and levitation and then something strange happened…

🤩 I was having so much fun experimenting I could barely put my camera down… 📷
🤩 I was learning way more than I had in all the years prior... 😲
🤩 and because my photos were so unusual people started asking to buy them. 💰

And now? I make 5 figures a year selling my photos as art and it NEVER feels like work (because it honestly isn’t!) so I was able to go part time and then quit my job to focus on doing what I love every day.

And you can do the same
Glass lensball portrait photo

But there's a catch... 

To make money selling your photos they’ve GOT to stand out
from the 5 billion taken every day.

Which might sound impossible but most photographers document similar subjects in similar ways so it’s REALLY not that difficult.

All it takes is to know how to use your camera CREATIVELY so you can photograph subjects in ways so artistic and intriguing that people want to hang them on their wall. Because ART IS EVERYWHERE which means there's opportunity for you. 🖼️

A bear stands on a log against a black background - an example of the editing technique - blackout animals
A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river, showing how to take fireworks photography long exposures.

 ‘WAIT. Creatively, you say?
Well that counts me out because I’M NOT CREATIVE.'

Which probably means you always feel two steps behind because you don’t have the same ‘talent’ as other photographers when ACTUALLY you just made the mistake of focusing on learning the wrong skills (a very common error!).

Because guess what?
Creativity not only CAN be learnt, it MUST be learnt.

No one is born knowing how to do long exposures or create bokeh. You’re not going to look at a scene and think ‘focus stacking would make this scene look incredible’ if you’ve never learnt how to focus stack.

Glass lensball portrait photo

So if you want to create an income from your photos and spend as much time on your favourite hobby as you want…

You MUST learn the creative techniques that make your photos difficult to replicate and impossible to ignore...

...meaning you can win competitions, sell prints, products and stock, or offer unique services to your clients and turn your photos into cash. 💰 

And it doesn't even matter what you like to shoot: landscapes, portraits, travel, flowers, wildlife, or just stuff around the house - there are ways to make ANY subject desirable and become the coolest, most creative photographer that everyone admires.

Which just leaves you with one problem….



Your ULTIMATE library of simple step-by-step creative photography
techniques to transform your photos into astonishing in-demand art

Planet panorama of Vancouver

Photo Fun Addicts is a library of creative projects with easy to follow instructions that help you successfully capture epic and original images in any scenario that people CANNOT BELIEVE.

These are the secrets the pros use (and don't want you to know) to photograph the awe-inspiring images that you can’t seem to replicate no matter what you try.

But Photo Fun Addicts isn’t just a library, it’s an experience. You won’t study theory or do challenging assignments. Instead you’ll photograph insanely enjoyable projects that also progressively improve your photography, lighting and editing skills (THE FUN WAY) as you create your most astonishing images YET and transform your hobby from heart breaking to money making.

Heart shaped paint in water photo

It’s a genius way to learn photography, unlike any other course you’ll find, because it puts the one skill that REALLY matters first, creativity, NOT the technical skills that only get you so far.

Because absolutely nothing: Not more expensive gear. Not years of practice. Not studying through university, will help you learn photography faster or make your work stand out like learning creative techniques. It’s the shortcut to unique photos that sell and it’s so fun you won’t lose your mojo for even a second.

A mirrored photograph of a girl wearing a headdress to look like a playing card

So how does it work?

Well let's say you plan on taking photos this weekend...

Simply jump into Photo Fun Addicts and pull up a list of creative ideas for unique and inspiring ways to capture your chosen subject...

...then follow easy step-by-step instructions and replicate the set up in the behind the scenes images to nail your chosen technique first go...

Harris shutter beach landscape photograph

...or choose from dozens of impressive editing suggestions and follow along with the tutorial videos to take your photos to the next level...

Black and white architecture fine art photo

...all while improving your photography, lighting and editing skills to consistently create photos that make people's jaws drop.


And best of all you don’t need expensive photography gear!

You can buy special gadgets if you like but most of these projects were photographed in my garage or nearby surroundings using the cheapest gear and accessories money can buy.

The one thing standing between you and sales is not new gear but knowing the creative techniques that transform everyday subjects into intriguing photos people are excited to buy.

So if you want to be a photographer who actually makes money stop investing in gear, and start investing in your creativity. ✨

A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river, showing how to take fireworks photography long exposures.
A bear stands on a log against a black background - an example of the editing technique - blackout animals

Meet your guide: The queen of creative photography 👑

Hi, I'm Hayley!

How often have you looked at a photo and thought, ‘how did they do that?’  This might be a curiosity for some but for me it’s an obsession. I’ve spent YEARS on a mission to try every photography trick in existence with over 130 different techniques completed. I don't think there's anyone else on earth who has tried more than me!

Why? Because an art teacher told me I wasn't creative so when I picked up a camera and discovered this was untrue it inspired me to explore the more artistic side of photography beyond merely documenting scenes. 

That's how I began to win awards, sell book covers, prints and products, receive grant-funding, invitations to write for major publications, and went viral and you can do the same.

Photographer, Hayley Roberts, holds a camera while smiling.

Because the secret for making money from photography is simply to be unique yet so many photographers are held back by silly rules around what is and isn't a photo. Thankfully I've always been terrible at following rules. So now I’m the magician who reveals all their tricks inside a library of exciting creative projects that helps photographers live a happy and rewarding creative lifestyle with photos they’re excited to share and empowered to sell.

Don't you deserve that?

No doubt you’ve seen photographers doing cool tricks before and maybe even tried learning a few on YouTube but they were too advanced, needed too much gear, or missed important steps so you failed to replicate them on your own (because photographers hate giving away ALL their secrets).

👉 Instead wouldn’t you prefer to learn from someone who has actually tried  EVERY creative technique so you can be SURE the methods work.

👉 Who meets you exactly where you’re at with the skills you have and the gear you own?

👉 Who explains clearly, simply and gives away ALL the secrets so you know the projects will be easy to follow and you’ll get amazing results every single time.

Someone like this?

Inside Photo Fun Addicts you'll find 4 project libraries with...


in-camera projects


lighting projects


editing projects


quick tricks

With tons of ideas for LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY like...

How to do star trails photography idea

Star trails

How to photograph lightning


How to do timestacking photography idea

Photos in brushstrokes

How to do light trails photography idea

Fake infrared

With tons of ideas for PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY like...

How to use gobos photography idea

Arty shoot-through filters

How to photograph with a projector photography idea

Bath portraits

How to photograph milk dress photography idea

Milk dress

How to photograph slow sync photography idea

Slow sync

With tons of ideas for AT HOME PHOTOGRAPHY like...

How to twirl art photography and Photoshop idea

Flat lays

How to photograph paint in oil and milk photography idea

Paint in oil and milk

How to photograph backlit refractions photography idea

Backlit refractions

A photo of backlit cardboard shapes

Cardboard shapes

Plus ideas for genres like...

Product, Food, Travel, Wildlife, Children, Macro, Street, Sport, Wedding, Real estate, Abstract and Flower photography.

➡️   Click here to see the full project list  ⬅️

If you'd like to purchase this for your school or camera club please get in touch.

Maybe this week you want to try the ever popular ICM? And next week you’ve got a portrait shoot and need fun ideas to put your model at ease? And the month after you’re travelling and want to know the secrets to capture amazing landscapes?

With a library of every cool trick at your fingertips all you need to do is pull up ideas and instructions from a teacher you trust and follow the steps for breathtaking images that have notifications lighting up your phone.

You might think a library of 80+ projects sounds intimidating but believe me, when you’re having as much fun as I’ve had creating these images you’ll be begging me to know when the next project is coming out.


Everything you receive: 

The project library

Immediate and lifetime access to the project library organised into in-camera, lighting, editing and quick tricks sections filled with exciting ideas for attention-grabbing photos without wasting hours searching for inspiration on YouTube.

80+ projects

Over 80 proven projects PLUS more added regularly featuring detailed step by step instructions and behind the scenes images so you can follow a fail-proof process to nail every project first go.

Editing videos

Over the shoulder editing videos explained simply so they’re easy to follow and replicate, even if you've never used Lightroom or Photoshop before.

Printable PDFS

Instructions you can print for a physical copy or conveniently reference on your chosen device while shooting, meaning you can stress less about technical problems and focus on adding your individual flair to make each project uniquely your own.

A convenient app

A downloadable app helps you easily access the library every minute of the day if you need to look at behind the scenes images or editing videos on the go.

Searchable hashtags

Hashtags help you sort the projects by interest or skill level (with projects catering from beginner to advanced) so whatever you’re shooting you can pull up applicable ideas to improve any scenario.

Creative community

Membership in our VIP support community so you can stop struggling in isolation and connect with like-minded creators for advice, tips, to show off your results and receive encouraging personal feedback that helps you grow.

NEW: Live workshops

You're invited to attend free live classes with me every month where we'll work through our projects together so you can learn and try exciting new techniques along with the community.

Weekly challenges

For more accountability participate in our weekly challenges with a new creative theme emailed each week! Unlike other photography challenges this one is carefully designed to improve your skills progressively.


A portal to submit your images and earn points for a top spot on our leaderboard or a feature on our socials. 🏆



How to use your libraries:

Newer photographers might find it best to start with the monthly creative classes. These are specially structured to introduce you to our projects in a certain order that will advance your photography fast with fun monthly assignments.

Hobby photographers who love being behind a camera can simply grab fun ideas that suit whatever you’re shooting to capture impressive and conversation-worthy images that make the most of your free time.

Advanced photographers who know their niche and are looking for ways to elevate themselves above the crowd and command top dollar can follow niche specific projects. Love landscapes? Shoot weddings? Then just sort the projects by hashtag for ideas you’d like to try.

These creative techniques turn ANY subject into sellable art so you can attract buyers and make money while exploring the passion you love.

Seriously, choose a project NOW, shoot it today and have prints listed online by tonight!

A photograph of a finger popping a soap bubble, a how to creative photography tutorial about how to take high speed bubble photography.
A photograph of a sky full of fireworks exploding over the city of Brisbane, reflected in the river, showing how to take fireworks photography long exposures.




Price in USD

One time payment for LIFETIME ACCESS

Our 4 creative project libraries - VALUE $597

+ BONUS lighting course - VALUE $59

+ BONUS posing guides - VALUE $39 

+ BONUS live monthly classes - VALUE $144 per year

+ VIP support community - VALUE PRICELESS

+ 30 day money back guarantee


You’ve probably spent more money on neglected photography gear that could NEVER improve your photography this dramatically!
 For far less than the cost of an in-person workshop (to learn only one of these techniques) you'll create in-demand photos more astounding than you ever thought possible and transform your photography forever, no matter your skill level right now.
Plus you'll have it to reference for life, making it a far wiser investment than a useless piece of kit.


I can’t promise you’ll be the photographer of your dreams in 30 days even though you CAN create amazing images and list them for sale in less than 24 hours. What Photo Fun Addicts is designed to do is give you a lifetime of creative inspiration with fun techniques that will transform your hobby from frustrating to fascinating so your passion NEVER dies out.

But if you’re wondering if Photo Fun Addicts is right for you come take a look around and if you're not excited by all the fun techniques just contact me within 30 days and I’ll gladly refund you.

And to prove that you can create wow-worthy photos WITHOUT stunning models, astounding locations, expensive gear and complicated set ups you'll also receive these



Learn off-camera lighting for free

Photography lighting can seem difficult to grasp because most educators use expensive lights and lots of them! In this bonus 50 minute class I explain lighting as simply as possible so you will understand lighting, finally. Afterwards you'll be able to complete our lighting projects with confidence using inexpensive gear. 

Usually $59 - included FREE


Some of our portrait projects obviously need people which may seem daunting if you aren't comfortable posing others. 

Inside this bonus you'll receive two posing guides:

How to photograph self-portraits

Guidelines for perfect posing when you're ready to work with models

Usually $29 - included FREE

Learn posing for free

“Easy to understand, educational, motivational as well as inspirational material. It has been instrumental in helping me get out of a long lasting slump and back to enjoying photography again. Hayley is attentive, supportive, always friendly and quick to respond. If you are new to photography or experienced there are plenty of projects to help you along, encourage you to try something new and get your photo-mojo back!” - David G

"Thank you for sharing your talent with me. I enjoy taking landscape pictures but sometimes there were things about the image that I didn’t like and thanks to you I am now able to correct those to get the “perfect image”. I now have the confidence to try selling my images. I talked to a neighborhood restaurant and they are going to let me put my photos on the wall and are even willing to sell them for me. She said her restaurant is my photo gallery. So excited!!!" - Renee C

"I have been dragged out of my comfort zone and tried so many new, for me, techniques. I am now enthusiastic once again for my photography and feel I am producing better, more thoughtful photos. I have taken my first, tentative steps into the world of Photoshop and have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. Joining Creative Photo Folk turned out to be a wonderful decision." - Janelle W

Student images

A photograph of a man reading in atmospheric light

David G

A flat lay product photograph of gin-making

Cate R

A light painting photograph of a man in a boat on the sea

Shannon E

A multiplicity photograph of 3 women in the garden

Janelle W


A photograph of a finger bursting a bubble in crisp detail
A double exposure photograph of hands over face
An example of how to do scanography showing a face and wild hair photographed with a scanner for a tutorial.
A high speed photograph capturing milk and coffee beans splashing into an owl mug for a tutorial on how to create photography tricks using flash lighting.

Last chance…

Aren’t you tired of spending so much time on photography for so little reward…of comparing yourself to others and wondering what you’re doing wrong… of feeling like there’s always something else to learn and you’ll never get ahead?

How much longer will your mojo put up with the crushing rejection of just a handful of likes or dozens of hours wasted on YouTube trying to learn all the things?

Inside Photo Fun Addicts our game-changing creative techniques will take you from overwhelmed and ignored to easily creating incredible images that hang on walls not disappear into hard drives.

Photo Fun Addicts is for the photographer who is tired of blending in and wants a simple creative process to silence their inner critic, get recognition and get paid! When you know how to take rave-worthy photos that have buyers filling up your inbox you won't have to hustle and selling definitely won't spoil your fun.

So to unlock faster progress, more fun, unwavering confidence and jaw-dropping, scroll-stopping, eye-popping photos remember...


If you're ready to level up your photos so you stand out in a sea of photographers, have more fun, receive loads of compliments, win awards, get exhibited and make money from your photos so you can work less or retire early, then join us inside...


It's every photographers MUST-HAVE accessory and you WON'T want to be the one without it!

Price: $839+
Today: $249

30 day 100% money back guarantee. One time payment for lifetime access.