New Year’s Eve photography projects to start the year off right

Dec 29, 2021

I’m the kind of person who likes to usher in the new year from the comfort of dream land. Having grown up believing that New Year’s Eve had to be the ABSOLUTE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR or the following year would be cursed, meant that NYE often ended in disaster or disappointment. And so bed simply became the safest option. But still I’d get that gnawing pang that something was missing.

That’s when I decided to give myself a new year’s photo project. Completing a project gives me a sense of accomplishment to close out the year, while beginning the new one doing something I love. If this idea appeals to you here’s some NYE projects to try for whatever situation you find yourself in.

Disclaimer: Alcohol and cameras DO NOT mix so I only recommend these projects if you plan to stay sober and in control, otherwise just enjoy yourself!



A staple of New Year’s celebrations, a pack of sparklers is such a versatile light painting tool.

You can:

Write words


Create product shots


Take portraits

Model - Maddy Webster


Create overlays for use in composites



For those braver than I, head into your city centre to photograph the fireworks.


Create silhouettes with the crowd watching


Shoot close ups


Shoot wide shots to capture several explosions


You can even create reverse fireworks by defocusing your lens during the exposure


Slow speed sync

If you’re with a group of revellers you can capture frenetic portraits with the use of a flash (to freeze the subjects) and a long exposure where you move the camera (to capture any lights).



Photograph friends and family using reflective glass objects such as prisms or chandelier pieces to create mind-bending new year’s worthy portraits.

Model: Meagan


Self-portrait / art project

As a conceptual self-portraitist I like to shoot a little art piece to close out the year, reflecting on all that was and all that’s to come. Often it helps to conceptualise the idea first and complete the editing in the new year but it’s nice to look back at these stories of my life.


Happy New Year everyone!


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