Transform your photos from
disappointing mojo killers into EXCITING ART THAT SELLS
A photograph of paint in water edited into the shape of a heart

A community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

The path to confident photography is steep - so why not MAKE IT FUN!

Here at Creative Photo Folk we encourage photography enthusiasts to play, experiment and explore your creativity using exciting photography tricks and impressive Photoshop techniques that help you achieve award-winning photos WHILE you learn.

Unlike other ways of learning photography our creative projects are designed to make learning fun, not frustrating, so you'll love spending time with your camera and your mojo will never abandon you! ✔️

PLUS you'll be creating JAW-DROPPING images that people CAN'T BELIEVE while improving your skills and growing your confidence. Genius! 💡

The creative photography, lighting and editing techniques you'll learn inside our courses can be applied to any scenario so that your photos sell in a crowded market and your photography services are always in-demand. ⭐

Say death to boring photos and YES to extraordinary photos!

A photograph of a face painted under black light UV

Nail Creative Techniques to Capture
Astonishing Photos in Any Scenario with Ease


 Create MAGICAL Storytelling Composite Art
while Mastering Photoshop


Hi, I'm Hayley!

Three years after first picking up a camera my photos went viral. I've been exhibited in over 20 galleries, a finalist in as many awards, published in several magazines and featured on book covers.

But this only happened once I stopped shooting everything in sight and started experimenting with creative techniques. These made my photos so unique and original they naturally stood out.

Plus by trying new creative techniques each week my photography, lighting and editing skills improved faster than I even thought possible and within a few months my images were winning awards and selling! All while I was having so much fun and loving every second.

This creative approach completely changed my life so now I'm pulling back the curtain to reveal the fun photography tricks and Photoshop techniques that will transform YOUR photos into exciting art that sells.

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Dogs catching treats

Phone Illusions

Lightbulb Sparkler

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