Learn the creative skills that transform your
mojo-killing photos into MONEY MAKING ART

so you can attract adoring fans, make a passive income and live a creative life you love¬†‚̧ԳŹ
A photograph of paint in water edited into the shape of a heart

A community to learn photography creatively, overwhelm free

If I had a dollar for every time a photographer says they're not creative...

Because they focused on learning the technical skills instead of the one thing, the ONLY thing, that makes your photos stand out among the 5 billion taken every day... CREATIVITY.

LOTS of people can use a camera but if you want to be the kind of photographer who gets exhibited, sells prints, wins competitions and sells out your services you MUST learn the creative skills that elevate your photos above the crowd.

But how do you learn creativity when most teachers focus on the technical?

That's where Creative Photo Folk comes in.

Welcome to the home of creative photography ūüĎč where photographers play, experiment and explore your creativity using exciting photography tricks and impressive Photoshop techniques that help you create jaw-dropping photos in ANY situation. ūüė≤

Unlike any other course you'll find, we put the one skill that REALLY matters first, creativity, not the technical skills which only get you so far. This makes learning¬†FUN, not¬†frustrating, so you'll love spending time¬†with your camera and your mojo wouldn't dare¬†abandon you! ‚úĒÔłŹ

All while¬†creating ASTONISHING images that people CAN'T BELIEVE¬†as you¬†improve your skills and grow your confidence¬†FAST. Genius! ūüí°

The creative photography, lighting and editing techniques you'll learn inside our courses can be applied to any scenario so that your photos sell in a crowded market and your photography services are always in-demand.¬†‚≠ź


Say death to boring photos and YES to extraordinary photos!

A photograph of a face painted under black light UV

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Hi, I'm Hayley!

Three years after learning photography my photos went viral. I've been exhibited in over 20 galleries, a finalist in as many awards, published in several magazines and featured on book covers.

But this only happened once I stopped shooting everything in sight and started experimenting with creative techniques. These made my photos so unique and original they naturally stood out.

Plus by trying new creative techniques each week my photography, lighting and editing skills improved faster than I even thought possible and within a few months my images were winning awards and selling! All while I was having so much fun and loving every second.

This creative approach completely changed my life so now I'm pulling back the curtain to reveal the fun photography tricks and Photoshop techniques that will transform YOUR photos into exciting art that sells.

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